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Suck It, Chuck Todd

By Dustin Rowles | TV | August 4, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | August 4, 2020 |


Chuck Todd is a halfwit clown. In fact, one of my all-time favorite tweets came from Soledad O’Brien after Chuck Todd said that, on “the optics” of Robert Mueller testifying in front of Congress, the Democrats were losing, as though the “optics” of that Mueller hearing was the most important issue of the day.

It means nothing. Chuck Todd along with Maggie Haberman at the Times embodies perhaps the worst in Trump-era journalism, two journalist who have actually had opportunities to interview Trump in the way that Jonathan Swan did and, instead demurred, so as to maintain their access. They have consistently treated Trump not as the danger he is, but in the framework of a conventional politician. To wit: Here’s Jonathan Swan pressing Trump on the bounties that Russians put on American soldiers:

And here’s what Chuck Todd asked Trump last year.

That clip right there is everything you need to know about Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press, which sadly hasn’t had a decent host since the death of Tim Russert, though NBC could literally hire almost anyone because it’s such a prime hosting gig (Soledad O’Brien, for instance).

In any respect, Todd is being demoted over on MSNBC. I don’t watch cable news, but given Todd’s status, I suspect it is a humiliating blow for him to lose his 5 p.m. hour so that Nicolle Wallace — host of the 4 p.m. hour — can tack on an extra hour to her show leading into primetime. Why? Because ratings were actually declining in the 5 p.m. hour, which is not the trajectory one wants heading into the evening.

Meanwhile, Chuck Todd has been demoted to the 1 p.m. slot, which I believe is an hour worse than the the graveyard Gretchen Carlson was sent to on Fox News for daring to stand up to Roger Ailes. Ayman Mohyeldin — anchor of the 5 a.m. hour, meanwhile, will take over the 3 p.m. hour previously occupied by Ali Velshi, who now hosts a weekend show.

Anyway, here’s Nicolle Wallace calling Laura Ingraham a “chicken shit.”

Also, why does Chuck Todd always look like he just got a bad haircut from his mother?

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