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Bad Sponsors Opossible Burgers.png

Seth Meyers Pays Homage To His Bad Sponsors In Infectiously Funny Segment

By Andrew Sanford | TV | January 15, 2021 |

By Andrew Sanford | TV | January 15, 2021 |

Bad Sponsors Opossible Burgers.png

I don’t want to blow anyone’s mind here, but I’m gonna say this anyway: It’s fun to laugh! Saying silly stuff, with your friends, riffing off something somebody said, for hours on end, it cleanses the soul. That’s what the latest segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers feels like. Just a bunch of friends making each other laugh. Who could ask for more??

In the bit, Seth reads ads for all of his “bad sponsors.” Products or services that are so bad (or in some cases, so silly) that no one would want them. From the jump, I was on board. They fly out of the gate with Opossible Burgers (burgers made of opossum) and from then on out it seemed like the challenge was to get not only the audience to laugh but Seth as well. Heck, it seems like everyone in the room is cracking up!

It’s the communal cackling that pushes this bit over the top for me. The staff, Seth included, are clearly having such a blast that it’s impossible not to join in. There’s no mention of current events or reveling in the existential dread that we’re all feeling at the moment, it’s just silly puns for four minutes. I’m not saying certain… current events don’t need to be discussed, I was just happy for a little break.

They’re solid puns too. I won’t spoil them all here, but my favorite is in the header photo. Not only is it a cheesy, “dad joke” level idea but Seth gets an assist from someone (I think Amber Ruffin??) that made me spit a little coffee onto my shirt. I’m also a ’90s kid, so there’s that.

I love love loved this segment. It was a marvelous distraction. I can’t stay distracted forever, but for now, I’ll save the existential dread for Monday… and Tuesday… and Wednesday and so on.

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Andrew lives in NYC. You can follow him on twitter.

Header Image Source: NBC