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Seth Wants to Keep Elbow Bumps.png

Seth Meyers Knows What We Should Keep Doing Post COVID

By Andrew Sanford | TV | May 5, 2021 |

By Andrew Sanford | TV | May 5, 2021 |

Seth Wants to Keep Elbow Bumps.png

The world has been hit hard by COVID-19 for well over 87 years at this point (right?) and due to that, things have changed. The question is, will they change for good? I mean, most of this country handles change super well (sarcasm). However, if they heard what Seth Meyers’s suggestions are, they may agree.

In a new segment called COVID Keepers, Meyers pitched a handful of things that we should keep after the pandemic is over, so, ya know, 2027. I won’t get into all of them here; that’s what the video is for. I will point out a few that I agree with vehemently.

I’m a hugger. I know that about myself. A consensual hugger (I’m not forcing a hug on everyone I meet) but a hugger nonetheless. That said, even I’m on board with Seth’s suggestion to keep elbow bumps for greetings. Some people take handshakes too seriously. If you come across somebody like that, not only are you stuck wondering where their hand has been, you’re wondering that while they squeeze yours like they’re trying to crack a lobster tail.

If you’ve been on a New York City subway train, you’ve likely smelled the mix of stale air and stale butt. Even after that, there’s the challenge of avoiding delays, among other things. Seth pitches wearing masks while on the subway after all of this is done and that makes sense to me.

Seth Meyers lays out a lot of good ideas here, y’all. We should listen and then … implement those ideas. Then you too will see more scientists on your TV and fewer kids in your home when they should be at school.

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Andrew lives in NYC. You can follow him on Twitter.

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