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Recap: 'AHS: 1984' Blows It All Up and Resets in 1989 with Billy Idol

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 24, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | October 24, 2019 |


Previously — The Night Stalker and Mr. Jingles escape Camp Redwood and return to Los Angeles. Margaret Booth kills nearly all of the counselors in Camp Redwood, save for Brooke, who kills Montana. Margaret pins all the murders on Brooke, who is arrested and imprisoned.

1985 — After spending a year killing on Satan’s behalf, Mr. Jingles tires of the life and tries to break his pact with Satan. The Night Stalker refuses to let him, so Mr. Jingles tips off the locals to the Night Stalker’s identity. They chase The Night Stalker down, beat him, and have him arrested, which is exactly how Richard Ramirez was apprehended in real life. Mr. Jingles drives by satisfied, drinking Tab and listening to REO Speedwagon.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 4.26.50 PM.png

Trevor wakes up in a hospital, having barely survived Margaret’s stabbing at Camp Redwood. He knows the truth about Margaret, so he blackmails her into being his “sugar mama.” She agrees, but only if he makes it legit by marrying her.

1989 — Trevor and Margaret are now happily involved in a deranged marriage, where they work as realtors. They have made a fortune buying and selling the properties of other serial killers, mass murderers, and their victims. However, they’re getting some pushback from local governments who think turning serial-killer destinations into tourist traps is ghoulish. After another killing in Camp Redwood, Margaret decides to throw a huge concert in Redwood to boost her business. Billy Idol will headline the event.

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Montana, Xavier, Chet, and Ray are living in Camp Redwood purgatory, and while they love to murder the occasional passerby, they don’t get many opportunities. They are excited about the Billy Idol event because it will turn Redwood into “hunting grounds.”

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Richard Ramirez is locked in the same prison where Brooke is on death row. He offers Brooke a pact with Satan, but she declines. Ramirez, however, prays to the Devil, who grants him an escape from prison so that he can attend the Billy Idol event. Brooke, meanwhile, is executed by lethal injection. However, “Nurse Rita” is her executioner, and she revives Brooke. Those two are headed back to Redwood for revenge.

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Finally, Mr. Jingles married a prostitute, had a baby, and they live a modest suburban life in Alaska, where Mr. Jingles works in a Blockbuster-like store. However, after Ramirez escapes from prison, he kills Jingles’ wife. To save the life of his son, Jingles also decides to return to Redwood to snuff out Ramirez.

In sum: Every major character from the pilot episode, except Margaret Booth, has been killed at least once, and yet every character still remains on the show, which is now set in 1989 despite being called AHS: 1984. Welcome to Ryan Murphy’s world.

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