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Liveblogging the Emmy Awards: Che and Jost Are the Worst

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 17, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | TV | September 17, 2018 |


10:59: Game of Thrones? Really? REALLY? I mean, it was a fine season. But The Americans! WTF? This may be the only award tonight that legitimately pisses me off, and I really like Game of Thrones.

10:55: The worst thing about tonight’s Emmy’s was host Michael Che and Colin Jost (also Rudolph and Armisen’s running gag, and also the neverending commercial breaks). The best thing about tonight’s Emmys was how little Che and Jost actually appeared. And that proposal. And Henry Winkler.

10:51: I LOVED Mrs. Maisel, but I’m already tired of Mrs. Maisel.

10:44: This show has completely run out of steam. You might say, they’ve Ryan Murphy’d the Emmys.

10:38: Eric Bana? Where has he been? (Good job, John Oliver. Would have also accepted Samantha Bee.)

10:17: My wife just informed me that Gwen Stefani is one year older than Ted Cruz, which blew my mind (that was apropos of the commercial with the Stefani song).

10:15: Unrelated, but breaking:

10:14: The Best Actress category isn’t even fair. Four of them deserve it. (Claire Foy was not one of them, mostly because I don’t watch The Crown). SANDRA OH GOT ROBBED. KERI RUSSELL GOT ROBBED.

10:09: There’s little else on this planet better than a Sterling K. Brown speech, but Rhys absolutely deserved this.

10:05: Seconded.

10:03: I could give two shits about The Crown, but this is your reminder to watch Nanette because Hannah Gadsby is a treasure. #notallmen #butalotofthem

09:59: This better not being one of those, “Let’s just give them the writing Emmy and ignore them for the rest of the show” awards.

09:52: Thandie was the only good thing about season 2 of Westworld. She made it occasionally watchable.

09:49: Don’t have much of an opinion on this category — they were all fine — but I do have an opinion on that dress Taraji is wearing. Damn! But also, good for Dinklage.

09:39: It’s too early for the In Memoriam. As always, I’d forgotten about a lot of them and they felt like gut shots all over again.

But all due respect, what was McCain doing in there?

09:32: DID THAT MAN JUST PROPOSE TO HIS GIRLFRIEND DURING THE EMMYS? Holy shit. I mean: That could’ve either gone really well, or really, really horribly (I’m glad it was the former).

09:27: I ain’t mad at Mulaney, either, if only for that Trump bit. It really was the best political joke of the year.

09:22: Yes, Regina King should have one twice for The Leftovers. But she also should have been nominated for a Best Supporting Oscar for Jerry Maguire.

09:19: My favorite thing about Darren Criss winning was the reaction shot of Jesse Plemons (sorry, I didn’t care for The Assassination of Gianni Versace — I bailed after a few episodes).

09:14: YOU ARE GODDAMN RIGHT. If Regina King is in a category, you give that fucking award to Regina King (also, as one of 6 people who watched Seven Seconds, this was well deserved).

Next year, Roxana does this.

09:08: Atlanta Season 1 > Mrs. Maisel Season 1 > Barry Season 1 > Atlanta Season 2 > G.L.O.W. >>>> Everything else in comedy right now.

09:04: It’s a three-hour show, so no matter how fast they race through all the awards, they still have to go to 11 p.m. Why the rush? OH, TO MAKE TIME FOR BETTY WHITE! Cool, cool. 96 damn years old and looks fantastic.

08:57: After that awkward Odenkirk and Aidy banter, I’m thinking maybe the winners should just stay on stage and ad lib before announcing the next winner.

08:56: WHAT? That dude in American Vandal was played by twins?

08:53: Liked Jeff Daniels a lot in Godless, too, but in a show all about diversity … maybe Daniels should thank Jesus.

08:52: Same.

08:49: Again, no complaints here about Merrit Weaver. I loved Godless, and the only thing I liked more in that show was Elizabeth Dockery’s accent.

08:47: Fucking terrifying.

08:41: A goddamn great set of nominees. Would have accepted Hader, Glover, or Danson.

08:36: Rachel Brosnahan is goddamn brilliant in Mrs. Maisel, and also probably memorized more dialogue than anyone in 2018.

08:30: A lot of people who have never heard of Mrs. Maisel before have heard of Mrs. Maisel now. Meanwhile, a lot of Atlanta fans who have never seen Mrs. Maisel are pissed. I love both shows, would’ve been happy with either.

08:27: It looks like Mrs. Maisel may go on a run, which means the backlash on a show few people watched on Amazon begins *looks at watch* at 8:28.

08:25: Whatever. I loved Mrs. Maisel. Alex Borstein is phenomenal. Bless.

08:22: What is this fuckery? The presenters don’t announce the nominations? Just the winners? Is this new?

08:21: Just realized we didn’t turn off caching on this page, so nothing’s been updating, so we’ve hit our first liveblog glitch! Should be able to refresh for updates now.

08:16: Winkler is probably not my first choice in a category with Brian Tyree Henry, but God bless the man. He’s genuinely the sweetest guy in the Hollywood, and maybe the planet, and he was fantastic in Barry. “Daddy won!” Good for you, Fonz!

08:13: Can the monologue just be disapproving crowd reactions to Chost jokes?

08:10: My kid is watching with me until bedtime, and that Brookln Nine-Nine joke made no sense to him, not because he doesn’t watch (he’s 11, and he’s seen all of Mike Schur’s shows) but he basically doesn’t know what Fox or NBC is. He only knows Hulu and Netflix.

8:09: The thing I love about Michael Che is that he’s basically the second coming of Norm MacDonald, only he’s still in 1996.

8:06: Answer: “Please welcome your host Colin Jost and Michael Che.” Question: What is the worst phrase of 2018?

8:04: Jesus. Is that Ricky Martin? Ricky Martin is super hot. He can solve me anytime.

Shit. I’ve already had too much to drink.

8:03: Have Che and Jost been canceled and replaced with Kenan and Kate? THE EMMYS ARE SAVED.

8:00 p.m.: Welcome to Pajiba’s 2018 Emmys Liveblog at one of the last remaining sites who actually still liveblog things. What can we say? Old habits die hard. Courtney is no longer here (sad face emoji), so I’ll be your guide through tonight’s Emmysplaining proceedings. Unfortunately, just as with the Emmy Awards, you’re stuck with another goddamn middle-aged white man who has failed upwards into a gig no one else wants at a midsized entertainment website. On the plus side, I have more lips than Colin Jost, and by that I mean, I actually have lips.

It’s been a minute, but my recollection of how this works is as follows: I’ll provide some commentary every few minutes — which will grow more sporadic as the alcohol takes its toll over the next three hours — and the lot of you will mostly ignore me and talk amongst yourselves. Cool? Cool. If I say something wrong, or otherwise step out of line, you’ll let me know in ALL CAPS COMMENTS.

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