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Eurovision Verka Getty.jpg

Eurovision 2020 Has Now Officially Been Cancelled

By Kayleigh Donaldson | TV | March 18, 2020 |

By Kayleigh Donaldson | TV | March 18, 2020 |

Eurovision Verka Getty.jpg

Coronavirus has ravaged the world around us in every conceivable way. For those of us self-isolating — greetings, comrades — our anti-boredom strategies decrease with every passing day. So much voluntary cleaning and TV binge-watching. On the outside world, the entertainment businesses of various mediums and genres have had very little choice in the equation. From mass closures of cinemas to bans on large gatherings, the film and music worlds have come to a halt.

This has led many of us Eurovision fans to wonder if this year’s contest will ever actually happen. It was scheduled for May 16 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, but with the pandemic panic increasing and Europe become one of the most affected areas of crisis on the planet, it stood to reason that we may not get our annual celebration of pop music, wind fans, and low-stakes geopolitical strife.

A fake tweet spread like wildfire last night, claiming that the contest had been called off.

To be clear, this tweet is a joke. A bad joke but still technically a joke. Still, it looked vaguely official enough for people to be taken in by it, and frankly, it doesn’t take much for fake news to win the narrative. See everything from the past ten years or so of life.

The actual contest was forced to release a statement with the actual update of the situation.

They then released a new statement a few hours later confirming what we all knew to be true. The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled.

Eurovision is gone. Let’s be honest, we had all wearily accepted that it probably wouldn’t be happening this year. It’s just as well my two-hour online wait for tickets this year was unsuccessful.

Let us pour one out for the pop party we will all now be denied.

Header Image Source: Getty Images.