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Did Danai Gurira Accidentally Drop a 'The Walking Dead' Spoiler?

By Cindy Davis | The Walking Dead | March 8, 2016 |

By Cindy Davis | The Walking Dead | March 8, 2016 |

Since last fall, The Walking Dead fans have been fretting over the arrival of comic villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his weapon of choice, a barbed-wire wrapped bat he calls Lucille. We’ve gone over what we think are clues to who may fall victim to the violent Saviors leader, and both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have spoken about the devastating sixth season finale, when it’s believed we’ll get our first full Negan dose. It’s possible another cast member just unwittingly (unintentionally) gave us a huge clue about at least one cast member who’ll survive that episode.

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Speaking to Vulture after the Sunday night premiere of her Broadway play Eclipsed (the one directed by TK’s sister and starring Lupita Nyong’o), Danai Gurira seemed to have slipped an unintended spoiler into the conversation. Asked about Rick and Michonne’s love match, Gurira first stated that she knew there was something there when in the third season her character went to retrieve a family photo for Carl, putting her life in danger since the house she entered was full of walkers.

“It clicked to me. That’s a man who made her change, and she’s made him change. They can check each other, she can make him laugh, she can disarm him, but she’s also deeply loyal to him and she respects him. And for Michonne to really respect a man is no small thing. I was like, Who else is she gonna? This has got to be the guy, in my brain.

Continuing, the actress spoke about her actions this season, saving Carl from being shot by Ron.

“It was so clear to me how much she loved him, and his son, so much. She’s going to, you know, run through a herd of zombies to get his son to the infirmary, and she’s going to run out into a herd of zombies to keep him from dying. I felt her panicking. I was, like, She never panics. But the idea of losing either one of these men today, she’s just not going to do it.”

But, what’s really significant is another comment she made, about the state of Rick and Michonne…now:

“They’re still together.”

Since TWD finished filming Season 6 months ago, it would seem Gurira inadvertently let us know both Rick and Michonne survive Negan (at least through this season’s finale). Most of us didn’t have any fears about Rick, but we were worried about Michonne, specifically because Gurira’s career has taken off in multiple directions. But, from the sound of things, we have one less character to fret over losing.


And, then there were three — plus fetus — Maggie, Glenn, and possibly Daryl. I don’t personally subscribe to the Daryl thing, and regardless of Gimple’s “left turn” comment, I really believe it’s going to be Glenn — and possibly one of the supporting players (Sasha, Abraham, Tara, Gabriel…)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)