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Your Ultimate 'End Credits' Soundtrack Picks Are In (And Playlisted)

By Lord Castleton | Lists | June 24, 2015 |

By Lord Castleton | Lists | June 24, 2015 |

Okay gang, here’s part three of the ultimate soundtrack exercise. We asked people to pick their favorite songs for the movie of their life (or any movie, really) and these are the results in the ‘End Credits’ category.

Thanks to all who participated.

NOTE: I’ll repeat this from last time: All of your entries made it into the spreadsheet (assuming you used the form- I didn’t pull any songs from the comments section.) However: some of those songs didn’t make it into the playlists. I went through every single one myself, but some just didn’t make it in. This could be for a number of reasons, like:

— Spotify didn’t have the band in their library. For example, no The Beatles or Tool or AC/DC

— Spotify had the band, but not the song or the album. This happened a lot. Like Spotify had Joan Jett but doesn’t have her ‘Bad Reputation’ album.

— or the band was super obscure and I couldn’t find it on Spotify at all.

— I apologize in advance to our international friends for any problems you may have with a primarily USA-based playlisting format.

— If you don’t see your song, SCROLL DOWN. All the Spotify playlists are scrollable.

If I missed a submission of yours, and you can find it in Spotify, hit me up at [email protected] and I’ll do my darndest to manually add them to the derriere of one of the current playlists. We want everyone to be happy, after all.

I’ve formatted your choices into some very easy to digest blocks. (about 3 hours each, give or take) Here’s how I’ve re-purposed your choices:

End Credits: This is now your nostalgia music. These are the songs you listen to after a break up, or a funeral, or a moment when you sit back and realize how different your life is from where you imagined it might be. These are the songs that connect you to a higher plane and resonate on a level of thoughtfulness and reflection. They can be sobering. They can be uplifting. But they all strive to have more permanence and gravitas than your typical fight sequence song. Take stock, ye who enter here!

So, for today, here are the responses for END CREDITS (listed in the order they were entered).

Tommorow: Our final installment: your results in songs for ULTIMATE LOVE SCENE