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The Most Beautiful Responses to the Week's Most Garbage Events

By Vivian Kane | Lists | June 9, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | June 9, 2016 |

It’s been a week full of a lot of terrible things. There have been some positive (and historic!) events as well, of course, but I’m guessing most of us are reaching the end of this week feeling a heavy weight, and exhaustion, and probably also some degree of deep, fiery rage. But when faced with all the garbage this week has thrown into the world, there have been people standing up and providing truly beautiful responses. It doesn’t undo the terrible things that have happened, but it is heartening to know that a lot of people, hopefully most people, are good and strong and often hilarious. Here are some beautiful responses that have come up, as a counter to all the week’s horrors.

In Response to Brock Turner, the Stanford Rape Monster

Nothing can undo Turner’s sexual assault, or (likely) the leniency the judge in the case showed him, but there have been some fantastic responses today to this terrible person.

—Joe Biden wrote a powerful letter to the survivor of the assault, whom he credits as being “a warrior — with a solid steel spine.” You can and should read the whole thing here, but I’d recommend having a whole lot of tissues handy before you start.

—A bunch of prospective jurors are refusing to serve on the current case being presided over by this judge, Aaron Persky. Because what a fucking mockery of the judicial system, to even have this man allowed in a courtroom.

—Finally, if working the system doesn’t have the desired effect, there are these 600 witches who gathered together this week to put hexes on Turner, his father, and Persky.


Via their Facebook group, this is the hex that was sent out.

Brock Allen Turner we hex you. You will be impotent You will know constant pain of pine needles in your guts Food will bring you no sustenance In water, your lungs will fail you Sleep will only bring nightmares Shame will be your mantle. You will meet justice. My witchcraft is strong. Our witchcraft is powerful. The spell will work. So Mote it be.

Fuck you, Brock Turner. We smote you so goddamn hard.

Donald Trump

Yes, Trump still exists, and he’s still racist and misogynistic. But here are the recent silver linings:

—Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against Trump’s racism:

The good people of Pennsylvania have agreed that the Philly Phanatic is a more qualified candidate than Trump.

—And Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account has officially reached the No Fucks Left to Give stage.

The Election

If you’re a Bernie supporter, you’re probably bummed. If you’re a Clinton supporter, you’re probably at least a bit frustrated by the very aggressive, vocal claims of conspiracy theories and stolen elections, along with those stalwart assholes with their threats of turning Trump. Hopefully, Obama’s eloquent, passionate endorsement of Clinton and praise of Sanders is enough to get at least some of us to play nice.

There you have it. If you still need a little boost, here’s a cat that got stuck in a sunflower.

It’s almost the weekend, you guys.

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