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The 7 Best Moments from 'Game of Thrones'' 'Sons of the Harpy'

By Cindy Davis | Lists | May 5, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | May 5, 2015 |

Though our girl Arya, and Jaqen H’ghar were conspicuously absent from this week’s Game of Thrones, “Sons of the Harpy” had no less impact than last week’s “High Sparrow.” In fact, it might just be my favorite episode so far, this season. Admittedly — with all the throat slicing and the forehead carvings — I had to look away a time or two, but a few carefully placed lighter moments nicely broke up the violence. Once again, Benioff and Weiss (along with writer, Dave Hill) prove they know comedy, and how to pair just the right buddies. And in between the dicing and slicing, and the misadventures of Bronn and Jaime, they managed to throw in a lovely father-daughter scene that snuck right up behind my unsuspecting eyeballs, and caused a minor leak. Here, represented with our Pajiba-orite form of expression (gifs!), are the best moments from Sunday’s episode:

1. Littlefinger alludes to R + L = J, but Sansa refuses to allow another rape to go by unnoticed.


“He (Rhaegar) rode past his wife, and he lay a garden of winter roses in Lyanna’s lap, blue with frost…”

“Yes, he chose her. Then he kidnapped her and raped her.”

2. Cersei Proves She’s Still Queen.


With few words, a head tilt and a smile, Cersei let everyone know she’s not going down without a fight. Poor King Tommen is all afluster, Margaery has (at least temporarily) been outmaneuvered, and the Faith Militant was set loose on Ser Loras and a Baelish brothel.

3. Jorah Knocks Out Tyrion.


Look, I love Tyrion (and Dinklage) as much as the rest of the world, but that was damned funny. That clever Lannister quickly figured out why Ser Jorah had Impnapped him, but didn’t know when to stop running his mouth. Conversely, Mormont prefers to speak through action and shall presumably enjoy the rest of his ride in peace and quiet.

4. Stannis Lets Shireen Know How Much His Daughter Really Means to Him.


Stoic Stannis realizes the importance of letting a little princess know she is loved. *sniff*

5. Jaime Holds up the Hand.


The single funniest moment of the hour.

6. And Then Finds out What It’s Really Good For.


I don’t know who was more shocked when he grabbed that sword by the blade — Jaime or his opponent — but a “one-armed man” reacts quickly.

7. The Sand Snakes’ Most Excellent Moves.



Um…sorry, poor head-in-the-sand-guy. Oberyn’s daughter prove they’re made of the same stuff as their father; we only hope they fare better.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)