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The 5 TV Couples Who Faced the Most Insurmountable Obstacles to Be Together

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | July 26, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | July 26, 2012 |

Ned and Chuck — Pushing Daisies: Ned has the magical ability to touch a dead person and bring him or her back to life. However, if he doesn’t touch that person again within 60 seconds, someone else will die. Chuck died. He brought her back to life. He did not touch Chuck within 60 seconds, someone else died, and now if he EVER touches the love of his life again, she will die. To be together, they must navigate a relationship without ever touching.


Penny and Desmond — Lost — I can’t even begin to detail all the obstacles that Penny and Desmond overcame: She searched for an island that couldn’t be found for years. They finally get together. Widmore wants Desmond dead. Ben wants Penny dead. Desmond gets shot. Then they flash sideways and they don’t even know each other anymore, but somehow, they still end up back together. TRUE LOVE.


The 10th Doctor and Rose — Doctor Who: In short, in order for the 10th Doctor and Rose to be together, the Doctor had to split into two people, one of whom was no longer a time lord, then that non-Time Lord doctor had to go to go through a brief portal into another dimension to be with her while the Time Lord version turned into Matt Smith.


Rory and Amy — Doctor Who: Well, first, Rory gets erased from existence. Then, he returns as an Auton with Rory’s memories. Then, he accidentally shoots Amy with a gun. Then, Amy is locked into the Pandorica, and Rory has to wait around for 2,000 years guarding the Pandorica in order to finally marry her. And if you thought getting together was difficult, having a child was even more problematic.


Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham — Fringe: For a couple of seasons, Peter and Olivia work up to being together. Then when they finally get together, Olivia is kidnapped and trapped into an alternate dimension. Then, when she finally gets back to her dimension, she finds out that Peter has been sleeping with the version of her from the dimension she was trapped in. Then, when they finally get past the fact that Peter was sleeping with faux Olivia, Peter gets erased from the timeline. Then he comes back, somehow, and Olivia has no memory of him because he never existed, but then, somehow she regains her memories from a timeline that doesn’t exist, allowing them once again to be together.


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