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The 20 Best Acting Affectations

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | September 16, 2010 |

By Dustin Rowles | Lists | September 16, 2010 |

20. The Stunned Bunny: Hair flop, then stammer, followed by a look that says you’re focusing really hard on what you’re trying to say. See Hugh Grant. — Mrs. Julien

19. Eeeeeeehhhh mouth: Slightly parted lips that look as though they should be accompanied by finger guns. See Christian Bale in American Psycho. — meh

18. The Head Crick: Tilt head side to side, in preparation for some serious ass-kicking. See Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes. — BierceAmbrose

17. The Clooney: Smug actor looking down, looking back up, and squinting through his eyebrows to seem sincere. See George Clooney. — Robert

16. The Clooney with the Head Tilt Variation: See Sam Elliott, Jeff Bridges. — Mrs. Julien

15. The Cud Chew: Opening and and closing of mouth multiple times between lines of dialogue, often punctuating with little “heh”s. See Late-period Robert Duvall. — sansho1

14. The Lip Bite: See Kristen Stewart. — Brittany

13. The Kidman: Once an actor has lost all ability to move their forehead due to Botox injections, she over-compensates by making their eyes go all bulgy and wide and spends virtually the entire film talking in a loud whisper (possibly to soften the harsh effect of the rest of their face). — Ashley

12. The Blank Stare for Comedic Effect: See Bill Murray. — John W.

11. The Overly Loud Laugh That “Charms” Everyone: See Julia Roberts. — figgy

10. The Non Blink: See Tobey Maguire. —Pissboy

9. The Lock Jaw: Characterized by delivering every line with a very deliberate tone, slightly above a whisper, by only moving one’s lips. See Dustin Hoffman. — Pissboy

8. The Lip Purse: Purse your lips, give a shrug, say your line. See Robert DeNiro. — odnon

7. The Dance: When all else fails, dance. See Paul Rudd, Christopher Walken. — Camilla

6. The Double: Repeating short lines of dialogue. See Robert DeNiro, Vincent Gallo. — Harry Coverts

5. The Chin Down Eyes Up Crazy Look : Can be used as the basis for your entire performance (75% of all psychotic killers) or to signify a sudden shift in mental illness or most of your basic demonic possessions. See Vincent D’Onofrino in Full Metal Jacket. — sandwich

4. Sideface Talkin’ a.k.a. Strokeface: See Sylvester Stallone, Drew Barrymore, and Holly Hunter. — Pissboy

3. The Vapid Stare of Nothingness As A Sign Of Sexual Desirability: Lowered eyelashes, dead eyes completely unfocused, mouth slightly open as if they can only breathe through their mouths. See Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson. — figgy and Courtney

2. The Emphasis: Emphasizing certain words in a sentence, often for no discernible reason. See Christopher Walken. — ben

1. The Staccato: The short, forceful enunciation of individual syllables or words of dialog. See William Shatner. — admin

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