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The 10 Best Reverse 80's Remakes and the Winner of the Pajiba T-Shirt

By Prolixity Julien | Lists | October 21, 2011 |

By Prolixity Julien | Lists | October 21, 2011 |

With a Pajiba t-shirt up for grabs, we were asked to come up with the best Reverse 80s Remake.

Wrong Decade, But Clever Is Clever.

Too bad “ELLIVTNASAELP” is the wrong decade: A woman stops masturbating and all the color leaches out of her world. by: ,

SWAJ - A Great White Shark has an eating disorder mc

OTNEMEM. A man tries to forget who killed his wife. frank_247

The Winners

10. ECAFRACS: First he loses the women, then he loses the power, then he loses the money. — MelBivDevoe

9. GNICNAD YTRID: Baby gradually gets put in a corner. — Mrcreosote

8. BULC TSAFKAERB: A tightly knit group of teenage friends spend their Saturday afternoon at school together. Over the course of several hours they get into a series of fights, and by the end of the day they are no longer on speaking terms. — superasente

7. POC SLLIH YLREVEB: A mouthy police officer assists a bunch of criminals in shipping drugs out of the country. He slowly alienates all his coworkers and is transferred to Detroit. — Paultera

6. SSENISUB YKSIR: Young man finds that fast cars, parties, and prostitutes don’t make one successful and popular. Realizes that working hard in school and abstinence are the keys to happiness. — Greedy

5. KRA TSOL EHT FO SREDIAR: A box is pulled from a warehouse and is hidden in Egypt. — Spudboy

4. EISTOOT: A successful cross dressing TV star decides to give up wearing woman’s clothes. He loses his starring role on the soap opera, and slowly becomes more and more angry at an industry that won’t accept a non-cross dressing actor over 40. He’s eventually reduced to playing a tomato.— Benjamin

3. EM YB DNATS: Going of age story of four friends fleeing from the dead body of Christ figure Ray Brower, who would rise from the dead three days later. — HerGuyWednesday

2. NIUQENNAM: A man gets married to the woman he loves at the department store where he works, but tragedy strikes when an ancient curse takes into effect and changes her into a mannequin. Gradually, his life falls apart as he loses his sanity, gets demoted, loses his sassy best friend and eventually, falls out of love of with her. As ‘Everything Stopped Us’, (sung by Rihanna!) plays mournfully in the last scene, he forgets she ever existed. — Derreck

1. NWAD DER: The Kindly Soviet Army find a rag tag bunch of lost teenagers and help them find their way back home to their parents.— El L Cool J

Congratulations and, like, a totally tubular wardrobe augmentation to El L Cool J! Please contact our overlords to arrange for delivery. The rest of you can purchase your own Pajiba T-shirts (or mugs) here.

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