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Power Ranking The Most Attractive Characters From 'Game Of Thrones'

By Cindy Davis & TK | Lists | May 27, 2014 |

By Cindy Davis & TK | Lists | May 27, 2014 |

We certainly enjoy our conversations about Game Of Thrones, and discourse on HBO’s most excellent show gets quite spirited around these parts. But let’s take a break from all our earnest, sincere, and socially relevant conversation and talk about something really important: Who’s the most attractive character in this world?

Note, we’re talking specifically about characters, which means that no matter how much TK loves to see Gwendoline Christie smiling gloriously in those short dresses, he’s going to have to judge her as Brienne, layered in dirt and garbed in armor, and Cindy will have to judge Iwan Rowan as the dick-cutting, woman-hunting Ramsay Snow.

Let’s do it.

The Women:

7. Sansa Stark


I was hesitant to use Sansa at all because she’s so young (which admittedly is part of why she ranks so low - she just turned 18 this past year), but there’s no question that she’s a young woman of uncommon beauty. Sadly, Sansa’s often reduced to crying, whining, being scared, or crying more, but there’s a hidden strength in there that makes its way to the surface at times.

6. Talisa Stark


Look! A brunette! For some reason, among the regulars they seem a rare breed. Talisa Maegyr/Stark wasn’t the most well-developed character, but she did have some solid moments, and she served as a strong compliment to Robb Stark, eventually gaining the respect of his mother — no small task for those who know Catelyn Stark.

5. Cersei Baratheon/Lannister


Here’s where things get interesting. Beyond the obvious physical attractiveness, Cersei has a lot going for her — she’s strong, bold, intelligent, clever, regal and unyielding in her loyalty to (most of) her family. Sure, there’s a catch — she’s also a twisted, cruel, bitter woman with a penchant for incest. But she’s also one of the show’s most complex characters, making her scary, but also often utterly fascinating.

4. Margaery Tyrell


There’s a strange, ethereal beauty to Margaery Tyrell, and she uses it to her advantage. Because like so many other people in Westoros, she’s hungry — for power, for station, for the crown. And she uses that beauty, and a slick ability to appear timid and vulnerable and sweet, to her advantage. She is genuinely charming, to be sure, but beneath that rosy charm is a sting that is likely quite unexpected.

3. Daenerys Targaryen


Dany has grown more and more attractive with each passing season, in part due to a natural maturation that built upon her natural loveliness, but more so to a sense of growing, well, queenliness. As she grows into her role as queen and savior and mother of dragons, as she grows more confident and powerful and self-aware, it makes her whole person more riveting to watch.

2. Ygritte


I love Ygritte. She’s smart and brash and independent, embodying everything that makes the Wildlings — or the Free Folk, if you will — so interesting. An explosion of red hair certainly adds to the package, and all I can say is if you don’t see what makes her so lovely, well, you know nothing, dear reader.

1. Missandei


Yes, I know, not the conventional choice, particularly for a supporting character. I can’t help it. I am consistently hypnotized by Missandei’s beauty, and it’s not just because of her revealing outfits from Season Three. She is the voice of the mother of dragons, and she’s also whip-smart, a trusted and unquestionably loyal adviser and friend. She’s got a near-flawless beauty to her, but there’s a surprising strength in there too. Missandei also has a gift for sly, subtle facial expressions, and she gives wicked side-eye, too:

missandei you're fucked.gif

tumblr_mky13rT9O71qcigjto1_250.gif tumblr_mky13rT9O71qcigjto2_250.gif
tumblr_mky13rT9O71qcigjto3_250.gif tumblr_mky13rT9O71qcigjto4_250.gif

The Men:

7. Bronn


To some he may be a mere sellsword, but Bronn is a handsome man of intelligence, wit and humor who rose from nothing; he’s developed his own sensible moral code. While in Tyrion’s service, Bronn is as good an advisor and loyal as a man can be expected to be; he saved Tyrion’s life once (and the Hound’s). Now, the Mountain is almost certain death — even Tyrion can’t argue the pragmatic odds or reasons. Bronn is smart enough to chose the battles he can win, and to marry the woman who’ll give him a future title.

6. Drogo


Despite the uncivilized Dothraki customs , Khal Drogo was a caring, protective husband (before you scream about his wedding night, let’s remember the normalcy of that behaviour, taken in context). The fierce warrior may have learned as much from Daenerys as she from him, and his love and loyalty for her is as appealing as his beautiful physique and the long braid he earned through battle.

5. Tyrion Lannister


“That’s not a monster, that’s just a baby.” Tyrion has been fighting to be seen as a person his whole life, and in his struggle, become the most humane, funny, and arguably clever Lannister. He’s by far the courageous brother, unafraid to stand up against his truly monstrous nephew and sister. Even during his darkest hours at battle, or holed up in a cell for a crime he didn’t commit, Tyrion’s courage and humor stand fast. But it is his treatment of and caring for both Sansa and Shae that demonstrate this lion’s gentle strength and true spirit, a man who deserves a real champion.

4. Jon Snow


Jon’s story may not be the pulse-racing tale we can’t wait to see play out, but Eddard’s bastard son does bear some noble fatherly resemblance. True to his family and a caring half-brother, Jon lets his sense of honor drive him. Although he couldn’t help his feelings for Yigritte, Snow regained his bearings and stands strong by his other family — the men of the Night’s Watch. He’s not entirely my type, but he’s got a real pretty mouth, ain’t he?

3. Eddard Stark


Perhaps the most honorable and truly family-oriented man, Eddard (Ned) Stark’s greatest failings were also his best character traits. His solid moral foundation and loyalty carried him; it drove Ned to do what he believed was right, even when it pained him. Unlike most Westerosi leaders, Stark wasn’t driven by ego or aspiration. His command, love of family, and his quiet strength have kept the Lord of Winterfell in our hearts long after those startled birds flew.

2. Jorah Mormont


Whether he learned a little something from Daenerys Stormborn, or perhaps as self-imposed penance, former slaver and spy Jorah Mormont now wears his coat of honor well. Though his feelings toward Dany go beyond loyalty, after protecting her unborn dragons, Jorah turns away from treachery, saves Dany’s life, and swears her his loyalty…but he’s not afraid to tell her what he really thinks. His bravery, fighting skills and oh, that heart…if only Daenerys would realize what she’s missing.

1. Oberyn Martell




Come on now, you had no doubt who number one would be, did you? Oberyn Martell — a man for all reasons — lover to all, and enemy only to those who deserve him. Gather all the best qualities of 1 through 6 and roll them up into one gloriously hot, deliciously accented, well-spoken, funny, witty, brilliantly-eyebrowed (seriously, is there a better waggler in town?), curious world-traveler, and renowned sword-fighter whose alias is The Red Viper, and you still haven’t captured the Prince of Dorne’s essence. Speaking of Prince, the only thing we haven’t seen Oberyn Martell do is sing Kiss, yet I’ve no doubt he’d be right there with The Purple One.

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