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fabio cover top pic.jpg

Nips Blowing In the Wind: Fabio's 15 Best Book Covers

By Rebecca Pahle | Lists | March 16, 2015 |

By Rebecca Pahle | Lists | March 16, 2015 |

I’m not just randomly writing a post about Fabio book covers, guys. His birthday was yesterday, so it makes sense. I haven’t spent hours combing through my exhaustive Fabio cover collection, painstakingly arranged into sub-folders like “Blonde Man Nips” and “Sex on a Rug—Stains.” I also haven’t spent the last month listening to my copy of Fabio’s 1994 slow jams album. Noooope.

Fabio Game of Thrones .jpg

Is this Game of Thrones?

fabio dick massage.jpg

Dick massage: The hot new technique every chiropractor is raving about.

champion chainmail nips.jpg

Chainmail + nipples. What could go wrong?

fabio mystic rebel vi.jpg

This cover is trying to say something, but what?

fabio surrender my love.png

Ain’t nothing more sexy than nude-colored tights (or else Fabio has some real weird knee wrinkle action going on) and Uggs.

defy not the heart.jpg

I respect a man who will attempt lilac tights. Wait. No. The other thing. “Am violently repelled by.”

fabio warrior's woman.jpg

His hair’s blowing straight up. Do aliens want to take humanity’s supreme specimen of masculinity from us? Killer scrunchie on that lady, though.

fabio ghost.gif

Fabio stars in: Ghost Peen.

fabio golden shower.jpg

“Can you tell I had garlic knots at dinner?” “…Yeah, a little.”

fabio eden's embrace.jpg

The new Aquaman movie looks weird.

fabio a gentle feuding.jpg

Fabio really loves his lady… his Epilady.

fabio wild.jpg

Thank for the deep v-neck trend, Fabs.

fabio jungle tales.jpg

Edgar Rice Burroughs didn’t really own his place in history until he got a series of Fabio covers.

Fabio french guy.jpg

“Fuck you, Frenchie!”

fabio scandalous love.jpg

“I’m wearing an asymmetrical man thong [NSFW], and you can’t even tell.”