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Nine Absurd Covers of Your Favorite Childhood Theme Songs

By Vivian Kane | Lists | August 11, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | August 11, 2014 |

There’s no shortage of song covers on YouTube. Aside from the seemingly endless supply of teenagers documenting their attempts to learn to play Top 40 songs on the ukulele, there also seems to be a musician rite of passage in covering 80s and 90s television theme songs. And beyond your run of the mill college quad acoustic covers, and an infinite depth of a capella versions, there’s also a strange subgenre of cover videos, devoted to the repurposing of your favorite childhood theme songs to fit all manner of very specific niches. Here are nine times your childhood was torn apart and built anew.

1. The Duck Tales slow jam, for when your Saturday morning cartoons just aren’t sexy enough.

2. Here’s The B-52s doing Meet the Flinstones, to add some 80s weirdness to a 90s movie of a 60s TV show. Confusion level midnight.

3. If you’re feeling your superheroes just aren’t punk enough, or your punk bands aren’t cartoony enough, The Ramones covering the Spider-Man theme can fix that.

4. There are all manner of stupidly impressive a capella covers on YouTube, but if you don’t have any instruments OR vocal ability, it’s good to know you can just snap your way through the Super Mario Bros. song.

5. For your hour-long batsh*t crazy trips, here’s the main Jurassic Park song slowed down 1000%. (Not a cover. I know. I don’t care. It’s that wonderful.)

6. If you really want to class up your dinner party or whatever, but never evolved your musical tastes beyond that of a seven year old, there’s Alicia Keys singing the Gummi Bears theme.

7. If you’re looking for a version of the Arthur theme that makes you feel ALL the feelings, there’s Chance the Rapper.

8. If you’re in the market for a lifetime of nightmare fuel, there’s always this SpongeBob horror show. (Also not a cover. But too terrifying to be left off.)

9. If you ever feel the need to be comforted by a bearded Welshman, know that Christian Bale knows and loves the Power Puff Girls theme. (Skip to the 40 second mark.)

And finally, as a bonus twist, there’s the Game of Thrones theme done in the style of your childhood.