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Like Father, Like Son: Guessing the Gorgeous Grown Kids of Three 90's Favorites

By Cindy Davis | Lists | February 11, 2016 |

By Cindy Davis | Lists | February 11, 2016 |

Trying to keep my fingers warm this morning, I tapped away at the keyboard to see what a few favorite actors have been up to lately. A couple minutes in, I ran smack dab into a picture of [redacted] son and holy wow, did those genes do their thing! This being Thursday, one of the most boring days of the week (floating in the nothingness between Wednesday and Friday), I thought “Hey, why not turn this into a five-second guessing game?” I mean, how desperate are you for non-Deadpool entertainment? Anyhoo, here are the very important rules.

1. The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.

2. Forget the first rule, at least for the purposes of this guessing game.

3. If you know the answer, TELL NO ONE.

4. If you put answers in your comment, YOU DIE. (Okay, so not really)

5. NO CHEATING. If you are one of these kids, a parent, relative, friend or a Pajiba employee, you are automatically (there’s a machine) disqualified.

6. The answers are at the bottom, whited out. This is not really a rule, but you need to know where to find the answers.

7. Please help me understand why I need so many rules?

8. Good night, and good luck! (It’s true, this is more a wish than a rule.)

9. There will be NO CLUES given. NONE.

10. There may be a HINT.

Ready, GO!

1. Hint: One of Dad’s first gigs was an ABC Afterschool Special.


He seems to have an aversion to light hitting his pupils.


Ah, there we go!


2. Hint: While Dads 1 and 3 both still do projects, Dad 2 is by far the most active.

He’s okay by sea…



or by land.


3. Hint: No, Morrissey didn’t have a kid (that we know of), but you are on the right side of the pond.




Wonder if Dad’s seen this one.


Answers (swipe ahead to see): : 1. Jack Kilmer, son of Val and Joanne Whalley; 2. Matthew Lowe, son of Rob and Sheryl Berkoff; 3. Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis, son of Daniel and Isabelle Adjani.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)