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Is There Anything In the News That Doesn't Have to Do With Trump?

By Vivian Kane | Lists | November 20, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | November 20, 2016 |

If feels like there’s nothing in the news these days besides Trump-related bullshittery. And it feels that way, I suppose, because it’s true. And I am in no way advocating that we ignore that news. No, we have to be vigilant, and tune in, pay attention. Apparently, we even have to be doubly vigilant, because for every awful Trump story we hear, there’s a second, more disgusting Trump story lurking behind it, begging to be covered up.

We should absolutely be paying attention to how our *shudder* President-elect is spending his nights tweeting about how discriminatory and “over-rated” (LIES) the incredibly diverse and vocally honest Hamilton is. Yet clearly, someone on Trump’s team— I fully do not believe he is anywhere close to smart enough to plan this out himself— scheduled this as a planned deflection from Trump’s (“alleged” but come on, let’s be real here) criminal activity.

So look at Trumps weird fucking tweets. And also look at his fraudulent criminal behavior, both past and present. Definitely do not look away. But it’s exhausting to be this vigilant. So, no, I’m not encouraging full-on escapism, where we forget the ominous. dangerous, threats looming above and around us.

But in the meantime, can’t we find one or two things that allow us to let our guard down for like a single freaking minute? Please? Let’s try. What else happened this weekend (and before, because a limited time frame gives us pretty slim pickings).

—Here we go! Sunday was Joe Biden’s birthday.

Biden hadn’t responded via Twitter yet, presumably because he’s too busy adding that tweet to his dream diary/vision board.

—Kanye’s on tour and has been really weird. Like, he’s been saying he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have voted for Trump. As Kanye put it (paraphrased, obviously), Trump’s campaign was impressive because it was insane enough to work. Yes, we can all see why effective, marketable, very public insanity is a trait Kanye admires.

Now, though, he’s going after Beyonce, which just seems like a step too far in a nonsensical direction.

—Okay, yes, this does has to do with Trump, but I think it’s important we all take a moment to pay attention to the person who WASN’T offended by the “harassment” of Mike Pence at Hamilton: Mike Pence.

“My daughter and I and her cousins really enjoyed the show. Hamilton is just an incredible production and incredibly talented people,” he said. “It was a real joy to be there.” He also wasn’t deterred by the boos directed at him inside and outside of the theater, noting that “I nudged my kids and reminded them, that’s what freedom sounds like.”


Don’t even bother looking at science, let’s just believe it’s true. There’s a chemically thing in cheese (and like, vegetables or whatever) that makes you live longer.