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‘I want one!’ Which Cute Sci-Fi and Fantasy Critters Do You Wish Were Real?

By Hannah Sole | Lists | September 28, 2017 |

By Hannah Sole | Lists | September 28, 2017 |

Admit it: you’ve had that feeling. That ‘OMG I WANT ONE!’ feeling. Well let’s daydream hard, people. Let’s imagine a world when you can own / befriend / adopt the most ridiculously irresponsible pets without worrying about what they will do to your furniture or your neighbours. I’m not talking big cats or monkeys. I’m talking full-on magical, supernatural, science fiction and fantasy creatures. They might be dangerous, huge and impractical, but when they are as cute as this, who cares?

Here’s my Christmas list list of the cutest TV and Film critters that I wish were real and also mine.



Is there anyone in the world who watched Gremlins and didn’t want a mogwai as a pet? I mean, it’s not like they are hard to care for— NO WAIT; that is literally the entire plot of the film. We never learn. BUT HE’S SO CUTE, right? Right?! If you show a picture of Gizmo to someone who has never seen the film, and claim that he’s cute, they will think you are a weirdo. He’s got bat ears, googly eyes and, apparently human fingernails. He spawns monsters. BUT HE SINGS A WIDDLE SONG! AND HE JUST WANTS CUDDLES!




Little Rex, from Primeval, was a mischievous and clever little dinosaur-y lizard thing, who got into all sorts of scrapes but was loyal to his beloved Abby. Who can forget that EVIL COW who put him in the fridge? Still angry about that. Who could hurt something as precious as this?



OK, he wouldn’t be a practical pet, but neither would a monster-spawning mogwai or a flying lizard, so what’s your point? Not only will Falcor rescue you from UNSPEAKABLE MISERY THAT RUINS YOUR CHILDHOOD, he will also charge at your enemies. Plus, bonus points for fluffiness.


Baby Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal


Look how teeny they were! Again, not the most practical pets in the world — their teenage years are definitely a challenge — but when they are fully grown, you can fly around on them and roast anyone who refuses to bend the knee. Dracarys, baby.



Who would have thought that a magical kleptomaniac duck-billed platypus would be so adorable? He might get you into trouble with all the theft and stuff, but he just likes shiny things!



I had my doubts about BB-8. I thought no droid in the universe could replace R2-D2 as the cutest droid, but I underestimated her. She’s SO CUTE. Like R2, she’s loyal and dedicated, mischievous, not to be messed with, expressive and funny. Her mannerisms are just that little bit cuter. Sorry, R2.


Baby Groot


The best Chris debates can stand down: Baby Groot is the cutest thing in the MCU. Fact. Look at his little face! Look at him busting a move!

You might have to explain yourself super clearly, but if you are patient, he’ll get there!


And he can still totally take out your enemies.


Baby Groot: The Cutest.

Which critters make your shortlist? (This is like Pajiba 10 but for pets, isn’t it?)