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7 Worlds I'd Rather Visit Than Westworld

By Vivian Kane | Lists | October 30, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | October 30, 2016 |

As you watch Westworld, to what degree to fantasize about it as a real place? A place that— if the extraordinarily prohibitive costs were as hypothetical as its existence— you dream of visiting? For me, it looks exciting but also, like, WAY too dusty to ever be comfortable. I’d like to visit, but I’m perhaps more drawn to its neighbors in the 1973 film version, Roman World and Medieval World.

Sure, I’d visit Westworld, given the hypothetical chance, but if that kind of vacation spot is possible, where else would you dream of spending a weekend getting weird, android-style? Here are my fantasies.



If you want to visit a world with a violent and tightly constructed self-eating view of morality, The Brothers Grimm offer Westworld some pretty stiff competition.

Lannister Land


If I want to go into a fictional land and kill a bunch of people with no remorse, why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to be a Game of Thrones character?



I’m more of a Marvel fan myself, but a general Comics Land or Avengerville seems a little far-reaching. I think most of us could do a better job of (and have a hell of a lot more fun with) exploring the world of Gotham than Fox’s mediocre Gotham.

This land also gives FANTASTIC options to go black hat or white. (Or Harley or Robin, as the land may be.)



As Genevieve wrote last week, Westworld is pretty shit at exploring and encouraging female sexuality. you who isn’t? Dolly Parton. I’d like to run my own Chicken House and maybe ride a roller coaster, all with constant singing and dancing all around me. It’s Dollywood, but a WHOLE WORLD.



If the Westworld team can create a imaginary space this real, eventually, they should be able to make the Bob Hoskins to an animated Who Framed Roger Rabbit world, right? Because if they can do that, then they can do what I REALLY want, which is to live inside The Simpsons.

Lovecraft Land



Jurassic Park


I get it. If this were an option, Westworld’s attendance numbers would drop off like crazy. Because these are the animatronic hosts I want to walk amongst. I JUST WANT TO FEEL A TRICERATOPS BREATHE. WHY IS THAT SO IMPOSSIBLE?