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7 Reasons Why You're Delighted By The Cancellation Of "House"

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | May 14, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Lists | May 14, 2012 |

Next Monday, May 21st, marks the end of the eight year run of Fox’s “Sherlock Holmes On Vicodin” drama, “House MD.” And while most of you surely gave up the show awhile ago…perhaps when Olivia Wilde left for good, or Kal Penn senselessly [OBNOXIOUS SPOILER REDACTED] himself or maybe, just maybe, it was the frustrating lack of character development or the umpteenth utterance of “it’s not lupus” that did you in. Listen, I don’t know you all very well, maybe you’re still hanging on. Maybe you care whether or not that very winning doormat, Wilson, will survive his cancer diagnosis. (Yup, they gave the virtuous oncologist cancer.) Me? I’m delighted all around that the show has finally got the bullet in the head it deserves. But, more than anything, I’m excited by what all this free time will mean for Hugh Laurie (a genuinely talented actor). We’re not sure what’s next for Hugh, but Stephen Fry has just announced (via Twitter, natch) that he and Laurie will be collaborating on something.

fry tweet.jpg

This is never a bad thing. For the uninitiated (and the three among you who hadn’t even realized Laurie was British) here are seven reasons why a bit of Fry and Laurie is something to look forward to.