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7 More Child Villains We Don't Want to See On 'Gotham'

By Vivian Kane | Lists | November 4, 2014 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | November 4, 2014 |

I don’t fully understand why, but after seven episodes, I continue to find myself firmly planted on team Gotham. Sure, it’s cheesy, the musical scoring is atrocious, and Ben McKenzie is…wait, is he even on that show? I tend to forget he exists even while still on screen. But for the most part it’s over the top in that perfect classic comic way, where it’s fun to give into the cheese. Plus I could watch Robin Lord Taylor and Jada Pinkett Smith do just about anything for an hour a week.

However, a new villain was announced this week that a lot of us are most definitely not looking forward to: Baby Scarecrow. According to executive producer Danny Cannon,

[The] villain will be seen as a child, before he takes on the Scarecrow moniker. In fact, it’s something that will be passed on to him from his father, which will create an eventual enemy for Batman while still having a possible adversary for Jim Gordon.

It’s a smart move for the show to keep the villains as adults, as most are now. Sure, Baby Bruce Wayne pops up every episode or so to be intense and tearful and generally pretty badass. And Selina Kyle has had some good episodes, but her backstory on the show isn’t tragic, it’s more spunky Artful Dodger. But a child who is tormented enough to start a life of inherited chemical-warfare insanity? That’s not something we need in our fluffy network primetime escapism. While we’re at it, here are a few more classic Batman villains that Gotham should leave as adults, or leave out entirely.

Killer Croc
“I threw a rock at him” may be the best line in the entire Batman canon, a vicious mutant sewer reptile-child? Adorable + monstrous = heartbreaking.

No one wants to see baby Clayface. Imagine him in middle school. Terrible.

In child form, this would be half adorable, half terrifying.

Harley Quinn
We already have two child versions of female villains famous for their sexuality. Mini Harley would just be uncomfortable.

The Mutants
Little mini nazi mutant crimelords? Far too disturbing in child form.

Two Face
Gotham has no problem throwing out the existing lore and making their own stories. Let’s hope they don’t do that with Harvey Dent. His story is upsetting enough as is; let’s leave the chemical accidents and explosions to the grownups, shall we?

The Joker
Seriously, no one wants to see what happened as a child to cause this.