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5 More Memes the New 'American Horror Story' Season Should Consider Before Settling On Slender Man

By Vivian Kane | Lists | January 28, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Lists | January 28, 2016 |

As we’re waiting to hear if the next season of American Horror Story really will end up being centered around the figure of Slender Man, a creepy figure that gained fame as a meme, I have a few other suggestions for Ryan Murphy. If you’re really dedicated to the idea of a season of AHS: Imgur, and if things don’t work out with the script you’re trying to buy the rights to, here are five other memes that might make for a good spooky season.

Kermit Drinking Tea
The visual stand-in for a snarky “But that’s none of my business,” Kermit sipping tea is the perfect villain for a season of American Horror Story. Why? That’s not tea. It’s the blood of his enemies. But adding in the fancy classiness of a tea cup and this is basically Muppet Hannibal.

Picard’s Facepalm
Yes, more tea. Earl Grey. Hot. So hot it can scald a man’s face (or palm) and leave him haunting you for revenge.

Wiz Khalifa’s Cool Pants
Is this a meme yet? I don’t know. But after Kanye told the world that #WizWearsCoolPants (not to mention all the baby-owning and mysterious waves), this could be the first Twitter feud-turned-television season.

Those Victorian e-Cards Women
Is this the point at which I have to admit that maybe I don’t fully know what constitutes a meme? Still, why not fill a season of American Horror Story with the ghosts of fancy women who just love day drinking and being snarky? Why can’t that be a thing?

Disapproving Dowager Countess

I won’t lie, I would ABSOLUTELY watch a season of American Horror Story: Downton.

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