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10 Actresses Who Can Rescue Rom-Coms from Katherine Heigl Hell

By Rebecca Pahle | Lists | April 21, 2016 |

By Rebecca Pahle | Lists | April 21, 2016 |

Rom-coms are in a crisis. The genre that used to give us compelling, well-made hits on the (somewhat) regular is now a little more than a tedious procession of whitebread chicanery. There are some good rom-coms, sure, but not nearly enough of them. Last week, I shared my choices for the 10 actors who are charismatic, hot, funny, and above all talented enough to breathe a spark of life into this poor, beleaguered art form. Now it’s the ladies’ turn.

Nicole Beharie

It is my heart’s deepest wish that all that Sleepy Hollow nonsense went down because Nicole Beharie has secretly had a Captain Marvel-shaped gig on lockdown for months and Kevin Feige is waiting for juuuuust the right moment to lower her into Hall H at Comic-Con, surrounded by cosplayers outfitted with angel wings and harps. But assuming that is not the case (WHY), Leftenant Mills has a tough-yet-vulnerable sensibility that could really bring some great things to the right rom-com.

Lupita Nyong’o
lupita twirl.gif
Because we need some Oscar-winning gravitas on this list. Admittedly, Nyong’o’s roles haven’t exactly leaned on comedy as of yet, but she’s charming in interviews, and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing she can’t do, anyway.

Gwendoline Christie
gwendoline christie romcom.gif
In fact, Lupita can bring all her Star Wars co-stars along. Daisy Ridley. Carrie Fisher. And let’s retroactively add John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Adam Driver, Harrison Ford’s Corpse and Crazy Hobo Mark Hamill to the dude’s list, as well.

Caveat: Any man (or woman) the 6’3” Christie is paired with on-screen must not exceed, say, 5’10”. She must tower over everyone. That is law.

Gabourey Sidibe
gs black hitler.gif
Because she’s hilarious and a ray of sunshine in all our lives and I’m not sure traditional Hollywood rom-coms deserve her, but I sure as shit would like to see them try.

Rose Byrne
rose byrne the spy.gif
Rose Byrne should play every person in every rom-com, Being John Malkovich style.

Rachel Bloom
rachel bloooom.gif
With My Crazy Ex-Girlfiend, Rachel Bloom kind of has rescued rom-coms from Katherine Heigl hell, but I’d like to see her take her talents to the big screen.

Tessa Thompson
tessa thompson rom-com.gif
Jake Lacy is a nerdy nerdchild who discovers some sort of illegal dealings his tech conglomerate employer are involved in. They hire an assassin (Tessa Thompson) to take him out, only Jake Lacy’s doofiness breaks through her world-weary demeanor. They go on the run together. There are jokes. I just really want to see Tessa Thompson play an assassin.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
mary elizabeth winstead.gif
Her character can be a little bi-furious.

Stephanie Beatriz
what kind of woman doens't have an axe.gif
Hat tip to commenter CaliCheeseSucks: Listen to Beatriz’s non-Rosa Diaz voice and be amazed. ACTING.

And finally:
Hayley Atwell
ha cookie.gif
Obligatory. I don’t want to get torn apart by a horde of rabid Pajibans.