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Honest to God, Why Is This Even a Contest?

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | September 1, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | September 1, 2020 |


Look: I don’t care who you are, Republican, Democrat, Centrist, Progressive, Independent, Liberal, or Conservative. The choice of who to elect this fall is clear to anyone with a shred of sanity. Do you want this guy:

Or do you want this guy:

Do you want this guy, who the President’s son is mocking for having a stutter:

Or do you want this guy, who believes that the guy with the stutter is being controlled by dark forces?

In a million goddamn years, I will never understand how anyone could look back on 2020 and think that this could be a close race, or that someone could be anguished over for whom to vote. How could anyone with any sense whatsoever look at the situation and think, “Yeah, give me the guy responsible for the worst response to the coronavirus in the civilized world; give me the guy who defends white supremacists; give me the guy who blackmails foreign countries for political gain.” The mental gymnastics it must take for Trump supporters to paint Joe Biden as a feeble-minded radical while ignoring the actual words and actions of the President is astounding. Astounding. Who looks at these two men and says, “Oh yeah. I’m definitely gonna vote for the man who suggested drinking bleach to get rid of a virus?” Why are we pouring all of this money, all of this time, and all of this thought into a choice that has never been more obvious to sane people. To honestly vote for Trump over Joe Biden takes a collective act of delusion.

This country is f***king mad. Welcome to September. Rabbit, rabbit.

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