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Why Does Elizabeth Warren Love HBO's 'Ballers' So Much?

By Dan Hamamura | Politics | May 29, 2018 |

By Dan Hamamura | Politics | May 29, 2018 |


Like (I’m guessing) many of you, I’m a fan of Elizabeth Warren. She’s smart and well-spoken, she persists, and she actually seems to care about the core issues she fights for.

That being said, Warren isn’t perfect - one story that surfaced last year has lingered, a controversial stance she has not answered for.

What I’m referring to, of course, is her unabashed love of HBO’s Ballers, a show that is mostly referenced here in relation to other HBO shows about dragons and such.

And look, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying what you enjoy. After all, that’s what TV is for! But Warren’s love of Ballers seems to be… very intense.

She’s discussed it on television:

She mentioned it while showing support for the Writers Guild of America during last year’s tense negotiations with the studios:

She even recently tweeted birthday love to The Rock while proudly showing off her signed Ballers script:

Although we’ve known about it for a year, we’ve never had a clear answer from Senator Warren truly explaining her love of the show - sure, she tried to parse it in that interview with Samantha Bee, but let’s be honest, her strange, optimistic view of the show’s thematic elements was, at best, a politician’s dodge. She can do better.

This weekend, she finally got her chance during an interview on Pod Save America, where, after a wide-ranging discussion about banking policy and Senate decorum, Warren was finally asked, point blank, just what it was that made her such a big fan of Ballers.

So how did she handle this difficult question? Did she try another dodge about the hopeful themes in the show? Or perhaps try to filibuster her way out of answering altogether?

Turns out, she went with the truth, and set the record straight with four powerful words:

“It is The Rock.”

Well said, Senator.

(Also, is it too early to start rooting for Warren/Johnson 2020? If The Rock agrees to be her VP, she might actually run.)