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What the Democrats Can Learn About Defeating Trump from 'Kellyanne Conway's Husband'

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 25, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 25, 2019 |


It’s time to get a little dirty, Democrats, but do so while maintaining your honesty and integrity. It’s time to stop f**king around and turn Trump’s political strategy against himself. What has been Trump’s strategy, besides being an immoral, corrupt racist? Trump, to his credit, has been very good at defining his opposition by finding one or two issues, beating them to death, and painting his opponent in a certain light. With Hillary, it was “her emails,” but it was also “her stamina.” He constantly suggested — without evidence — that Hillary didn’t have the stamina to be President, and he and his Twitter trolls and bots turned every stumble into evidence of it. Remember when Hillary passed out? Remember when Hillary held on to someone as she walked a steep flight of stairs? Remember all the conspiracy theories about how Hillary was at death’s door? And that she’d never make it four years?

The Democrats need their own “stamina” issue with which to broadly paint Donald Trump, and that issue has availed itself through none other than the husband of Trump’s chief political advisor, Kellyanne Conway. Remember last week when George Conway began tweeting extensively about Trump’s mental health? About his personality disorder? And how George Conway even offered textbook evidence of Trump’s mental illness?

And the thing about Trump is, Democrats can essentially trace every decision he makes back to his personality disorders. The narcissistic disorder. The paranoia. The persecution complex. Transference. The cognitive decline. You can trace everything Trump does or says back to that: The word salad. The way he shits on McCain. The “witch hunt.” The constant lies. His feelings of inadequacy compared to Obama. The conspiracy theories. The fear he has that everyone is trying to get him and his distrust of the media. His relationships with North Korea and Russia.

It all goes back to his mental health. We don’t need trolls and bots to unearth conspiracies about it based on evidence that needs diagrams, or videos with spotlights and arrows. It’s evident in his every public statement, and in his every tweet. And instead of whispering about it, the Democrats need to make it an issue. They need to make it the issue.

They need to blanket the media with questions about his mental well being until every news report begins, “Is Trump mentally well?” That’s what Trump did re: Hillary’s “stamina.” Democrats should be doing the same. At least one Democratic candidate should be asking every single day, “Is his mind clear? Is he making rational decisions?” and offer evidence that he is not in nearly every single decision he makes. Instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, call it out. Make the 2020 election a referendum on Donald Trump’s mental well-being.

It will drive him batty, and in his defensiveness, he will lash out and offer even more evidence of his declining mental well-being. And if 15 Democrats do it at once, he can’t throw it back. He can’t dismiss them all with a single nickname.

Now imagine, for instance, Kamala Harris in a debate with Trump, and instead of ignoring Trump’s word salad or trying to respond to what she think Trump means, imagine Kamala asking, “What does that mean? Are you OK? Nothing about what you just said makes any sense.” And if Trump starts sniffing again, as he did in every debate, Kamala can simply ask, “Why do you keep sniffing like that, Donald? Is everything OK?” Trump’s forehead vein will burst and all the orange color will rush out of him.

It’s not enough to simply raise the issue. We have to beat it to death until it defines him. Until everyone second guesses Trump’s decision-making process and asks themselves if there is rational thought behind it. Because more times than not, there isn’t a rational thought behind it.

Take a cue from Kellyanne Conway’s husband, and make those Fox News pundits spend the next 19 months trying to defend the President’s mental health in face of all the evidence to the contrary. The next time Trump lifts sanctions that Congress just imposed on North Korea, make Mitch McConnell answer the question, “Why did Trump do that? Is he mentally OK?” It doesn’t matter how Mitch answers the question, what matters is that the question is posed, and that it is posed over and over again.

It’s time to get our hands dirty, but unlike the Republicans, we can do it honestly, because the state of Trump’s mental health is not the stuff of conspiracy. It’s evident in his every word and action. Do we want another four years of a President in declining mental health with his finger on the button? Or interacting with foreign leaders? It is absolutely a legitimate question, and the Democrats should be asking it. Every single day.