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Trumpdates: Unreasonable Minds Disagree

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 6, 2020 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | October 6, 2020 |


8:13 — Asked if he’d debate Trump if he were still contagious, Biden said:

See what a reasonable response that is. There’s no way anyone could possibly disagree with this approach, is … oh, forget I asked.

7:15 Stephen Miller has tested positive.

Meanwhile, this doesn’t seem to jibe with calling off negotiations with Pelosi.

4:22 — I genuinely can’t get over how insane this is. It defies logic. There is absolutely no reason not to install a divider unless Pence is trying to force Kamala Harris to pull out of the debate so that they can declare victory (Pence, after all, has been in contact with someone who had COVID within the last 14 days). I mean, I guess it’s the only way Pence can win. Otherwise, Pence is going to have to answer for Trump, and that is not going to go well for Pence or Trump, or Trump’s relationship with Pence.

3:45 — Twitter pundits are now all wondering — based on Trump’s refusal to negotiate a stimulus bill with Pelosi — if Trump is trying to lose. No, he’s not trying to lose! He’s not very bright! He never has been. He’s also very sick right now.

Also, this? Wow!

3:00 — Trump has tweeted that he will no longer negotiate with Nancy Pelosi over a stimulus bill, saying that he will wait until he wins the election and pass one on his own. He told the Senate to, instead, focus all their attention on confirmating his Supreme Court Justice.

So … focus on overturning Roe, and no stimulus bill until Biden is sworn in, basically. Sorry movie theaters.

You do have to hand it to Trump, though: He never chooses the option that polls well.

1:13 — What a shitshow.

12:55 — He’s “FEELING GOOD.”

12:00 — This dumbass actually thinks he’s gonna be able to debate Biden next week. I don’t even think that the quarantine period will be over yet. Who will help him prepare for the debate? Christie has COVID, and it sure looks like Rudy does, too. Half his White House staff is out sick. Who is going to want to get on Air Force One with the guy?

Meanwhile, yesterday the White House rejected FDA guidance advising “vaccine developers that they must monitor half of clinical trial participants for at least two months following their final dose of vaccine or placebo before applying for emergency authorization.” The White House blocked the release of those standards yesterday, bu the FDA — flipping the White House off — is nevertheless insisting that those standards be met, which means that it will not approve of the emergency use of a vaccine before Election Day.

11:20 — I understand that Mandy Patinkin has made a few campaign videos? This one, however, is an absolute blast! It’s remarkably well done.

Good morning. A couple of weeks ago, an 80-year-old man named Rocco Sapienza went to his regular bar in West Seneca, New York. While there, Sapienza noticed that another regular, Donald Lewinski, was not wearing a mask while he was taking buckets of beer outside to a band that was playing. Sapienza stood up and asked Lewinski to put on his mask, and Lewinski told the 80-year-old man to buzz off. He pushed Sapienza. Sapienza fell and hit his head.

After four days in a coma, Sapienza died. He died because another man didn’t want to wear a mask and protect those around him.

This is the GOP mentality right now, even after their leader became infected with the Coronavirus, and even after he clearly came down with pneumonia.

That hasn’t prompted the GOP to reevaluate their beliefs at all. In fact, it’s only emboldened them, because if a billionaire with access to a helicopter and the best healthcare on the planet can (probably) survive the Coronavirus, then everyone else must be a p*ssy.

The 210,000 people who have died from COVID, so far, were all weak, according to Republicans, who are somehow now suggesting that only real men get (and survive) COVID. There will be Trump voters, to impress their leader, who will sacrifice themselves to the disease now, and hey! They probably won’t die. Probably.

This guy? WEAK.

If I can do it, so can you, Trump seems to be saying while gasping for air. And his valets, his housekeepers, his butlers, and the scores of people who work in the White House — many of them over 50 or otherwise in high-risk categories, and who do not have access to the same health care — well, if they get it, they get it for AMERICA. And if they die, they die FOR AMERICA.

The one saving grace here is, at least according to the latest polls, that voters are not responding to Trump’s authoritarian bullshit.

CNN released a poll this morning that showed Biden up by a whopping 16 points nationally.

Maybe it’s a skewed poll, but it’s consistent with a poll out of Florida that shows him with a 6 point lead and new polls that are beginning to show that Biden has taken a commanding lead among older people, the population that I guess Trump thinks is the weakest, cause they keep dying the most.

Meanwhile, 4 million people have already voted, and it looks like we may have record turnout this year. That can’t be anything but good for Joe Biden, otherwise, Trump and the Republicans would not try so hard to suppress the vote (see, e.g., a South Carolina requirement — upheld by their court yesterday — that mail-in voters have a witness sign their ballot. In a pandemic).

There are 28 days until the election. It may not sound that long, but 28 days ago we were talking about the fact that Donald Trump told Bob Woodward that he knew the Coronavirus was bad, but that he downplayed it. It feels like a lifetime ago. It may feel like another lifetime before election night, too. But if you were one of the many people who thought that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag in 2016 and didn’t bother to vote? Please don’t do that again! We need every single vote.

(We are using a Kate Beckinsale photo (in a mask!) in lieu of a Trump photo for aesthetic and superstitions reasons.)

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