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Highlights from the Donald Trump Press Conference

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 11, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 11, 2017 |

Lie number one, from Sean Spicer.

An illustration of the Trump campaign’s hypocrisy.

Trump concedes Russia hacked the DNC, but also dismisses it as no big deal. He flatters Putin. “We have much hacking going on.” Says DNC was “totally open to being hacked.” He mostly dodges questions on how it will color his relationship with Putin. “If Putin likes Donald Trump, that’s an asset.”

He obnoxiously continues to re-litigate the campaign against Hillary rather than answer questions.

Trump says he turned down a $2 billion deal over the weekend in Dubai, but says he could have taken it, and re-emphasized that he has a “no-conflict deal,” and could — if he wanted — continue to run the Trump organization while he’s president.

Again, says he won’t release his tax returns because the American public doesn’t care about them, and they are still under audit. “I don’t need to release them because I won.”

An lawyer then comes in to explain that he’s handed complete control of his company over to his sons. He wants to “assure the American people” that he won’t make any decisions about his company that will conflict with his Presidency. Then his lawyer goes on at length about how Trump is not under any obligation to separate himself from conflicts. He will maintain ownership of his company.

This is total bullshit.

His business assets will be put into a trust. No new foreign deals will be made. Domestic deals will be allowed but will go through “vetting process.” He will get an expert who is “recognized as an expert in the world of experts.” That is the most Bob Loblaw statement ever.

He won’t divest because, his attorney says, it’s too hard, and because it won’t matter because conflicts will still exist.

On “Emoluments clause,” his law firm says that he’s not in violation, so he’s not in violation. THERE. It’s true because his firm said it! Just to prove it, he’s going to donate any profits his hotel receives from foreign governments to the U.S. Treasury.


On Obamacare: “You’re going to be very proud of what we put forth on health care.” Craps all over Obamacare some more. Says he’ll be submitting a plan when his Health and Human Services Secretary is confirmed. He will repeal and replace on the same day. He doesn’t provide any details whatsoever, except to say it’s “less expensive and better.” Says he’s doing a service to the Dems by repealing Obamacare rather than letting them hang on it.

On the Wall: He insists it’s going to happen. Will get the money from Congress, and he’ll get Mexico to pay for it later “in some form.” “That will happen, whether it’s a tax or a payment. It will happen.”

On the Supreme Court nomination: He’s got a list, and he’ll make a decision within two weeks of his inauguration.

Says that Buzzfeed will suffer the consequences for publishing the intelligence report, calls them a “fake piece of garbage.” He refuses to take a question from CNN, calling them “fake news.” He says he’s seen people destroyed by “fake news” and that it’s very unfair (Hillary Clinton is somewhere nodding her head).

It is worth noting here that was CNN published was all verified. Trump is trying to lump CNN’s original report — which was reported, in part, by CARL FUCKING BERNSTEIN — with Buzzfeed’s decision to report the dossier. Should Buzzfeed have reported on the dossier? Probably not, but it’s the first time anyone has given this issue the attention it deserves.

He says his intelligence agency will investigate the Russian hack, but “more importantly,” other hacks, and will come up with a report on how to stop hacking. Consistently downplays Russian hacks and says other countries are just as or more dangerous.

Asked whether he or anyone else in his campaign had contacts with Russian before or during the campaign, he doesn’t answer the question and ultimately ends the news conference.

Again, Donald Trump ignored the question about contacts with Russia and ended the press conference before another reporter could follow up.

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