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Transition Updates: More Trump Senior Officials Are Considering Their Resignations ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 6, 2021 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 6, 2021 |


10:30 — The Senate voted to certify the electors in Arizona, with 6 objections (including Hawley and Cruz, natch). The same thing is happening in the House. Only, like, 45 more states to go (plus likely objections in Pennsylvania and Georgia). I think it’s safe to turn off your TVs and step away from your social media feeds for the night. This should hopefully be sorted by the morning with fewer Lindsay Graham speeches.

9:40 — The National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, the deputy National Security Advisor, and the Deputy Chief of Staff are all considering resigning tonight, according to CNN. They are also reporting that “some” cabinet members are considering invoking the 25th (which apparently requires two-thirds of both Houses of Congress, if Trump objects). House Dems, meanwhile, are expected to urge Pence to invoke.

(It probably goes without saying, but there will not be a Pajiba Love tonight.)

9:26 — You have GOT to be kidding me. Josh Hawley continues to ride the Trump train, even after all of this.

Mitt Romney is opening up a can of polite but forceful whoop-ass on Josh Hawley right now. “The best way we can show respect for the voter who are upset is by telling them the truth!”

8:43 — Oh thank God.

8:37 — Facebook has now suspended Trump from posting for 24 hours. Like, the fact that the President of the United States has been suspended by Facebook and Twitter for inciting violence ought to say something about his fitness to lead. Invoke the 25th.

8:20 — Not surprised.

8:10 — Pence, McConnell, and Tom Cotton trying to take the moral high ground after enabling Donald Trump for the last four years has been a remarkable thing to see, and by remarkable, I mean: Enraging.

8:00 — Go fuck yourself. “Man holding matches and smelling of gas walking away from a fire denies he’s an arsonist.”

7:40 — Stop saying that Capitol police were overwhelmed. Capitol police were f**king indifferent because they were white. This was the horned, shirtless guy:

7:31 — Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s Chief of Staff, has handed in her resignation based on the events of today. She’s been with the administration since the beginning.

7:15 — Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended until tomorrow morning, and three of his tweets have been removed. They have also threatened to permanently ban him. Without a Twitter account, Trump is basically powerless to communicate since he doesn’t otherwise know how.

6:30 — Mitt would invoke the 25th, I bet.

6:12 — Incredible. Unbelievable. Unreal.

6:00 — It’s crazy, but in the midst of all this, there’s still a pandemic going on.

Furious. FURIOUS. Absolutely fucking furious. Unreal.

Meanwhile, the woman who was shot earlier inside the Capitol has died.

5:30 — For the record, it is my understanding that the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia has jurisdiction over crimes committed at the Capitol, and that position is appointed directly by the President, so in 14 days, Biden can handpick the person responsible for prosecuting these insurrectionists. Choose wisely, Joe.

5:22 — These people can’t even take a little pepper spray. SACK UP, WHITE LADY.

5:00 — What? How?! Huh? The White House is coordinating with them? I don’t know how many times we can say invoke the 25th, but do it (I understand Ilhan Omar is drawing up Articles of Impeachment, but how you going to hold a trial in the Senate when the Senate can’t convene?).

4:50 — I am with Michael Keaton on this. I know that Joe felt that he needed to speak, but he really didn’t.

I love him.

4:42 — Hawley, too. At a bare minimum.

4:35 — Anderson Cooper just snob-dragged these terrorists.

4:25 — We’re picking up where we left off in the previous post, which had gotten so large that it was loading slowly. Here’s Trump NOT HELPING. This is a goddamn disgrace. It is shameful. He asks for peace while refusing to concede (that Twitter label is also new to me).

Also, a reminder that there was some good news today. In addition to Raphael Warnock winning, at least two networks (and now CNN) have projected that Ossoff has won, as well.

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