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The President Is Racist; Can We Please Stop Debating that Point Now?

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 15, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 15, 2017 |

I read on The NYTimes and heard on Morning Joe this morning pundits debating theories about what Trump meant on Saturday when he referred to “many sides.” It seems like an absolutely absurd, idiotic debate, because by suggesting there are alternative theories, it leaves room for the possibility that Donald Trump isn’t a racist f*ckhead. There are no alternate theories. He said “many sides” because he wanted to ensure that racist, white nationalists didn’t think he was singling them out. Because Trump — who watches more Fox News than your racist grandparents — believes that black people are more racist than white people. He genuinely believes that Black Lives Matter is worse than the Nazis. He’s drawing false equivalencies not just for political reasons, but because he genuinely, honestly believes it. He probably saw this clip of Jesse Watters on Fox News and didn’t even recognize that Jesse Watters himself realized he was being a racist hypocrite:

I mean, look: After having his arm twisted by White House aides, Trump finally, reluctantly, and uncomfortably called out racist hate groups, “including” the KKK, etc., and what he meant by “including” is that the KKK, white nationalists, and Nazis are not the only hate groups, and that what BLM and Antifa do is just as bad. If you want proof of that, look no further than the dog whistling retweet of white nationalist Jack Posobiec last night:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.42.03 AM.jpg

By retweeting an ally of Richard Spencer, and one of the guys behind the Pizzagate and Seth Rich conspiracies on the subject of black violence in Chicago, Trump basically winked to every Nazi he condemned in his “speech” yesterday, as if to say, “They made me do it, but you know whose side I’m on.” He further proved his racist bona fides yesterday when the CEO of Merck quit his advisory council, and Trump immediately called him out. Twice. Two other CEOs also quit yesterday (one from Intel, and one from Under Armour), but Trump only called out the Black guy.

The white supremacists knew exactly what Trump was doing, too. Here’s William Johnson, head of the white nationalists Freedom Party:

Donald Trump’s most recent condemnation of racism was also good and was appropriate as the head of our entire country,” Johnson wrote TPM in an email. “I note that he condemned all racism INCLUDING that coming from the KKK and neo-nazis. The use of the word ‘including’ indicates that he believes there is a larger, over-arching source of racism besides those groups named.”

Johnson went on to say he believes white people face more racism than non-whites.

“This is because whites have, by and large, been conditioned to suppress racist thoughts,” he wrote. “Saturday’s deadly act in Charlotteville [sic] by the angry white driver with the lead foot proves this fact. Acts of violence by whites are proportionally fewer that by many other groups. His act sets the nationalist movement back considerably.”

“I am pleased with what Donald Trump said,” Johnson added. “The only solution for the festering racism of this country is separation and the creation of a white ethnostate.”

And here’s Andrew Anglin, the publisher of The Daily Stormer (which is currently offline after GoDaddy booted them):

“He waited to respond because his first response was accurate,” Anglin wrote in a post, calling Trump’s remarks “half-assed” and prompted by the “whining Jew media.”

“Trump only disavowed us at the point of a Jewish weapon,” he continued. “So I’m not disavowing him.”

In other words, whether the President is racist is not a debate we should be having. He is. Why else would he ignore a report from May from the FBI and DHS suggesting there was a “persistent” white supremacy threat in the United States?

Trump gave a speech, against his will, and then he negated the speech with a retweet, and then he tried to obscure his racism and change the subject by redirecting the narrative against the media, because even when he’s advocating violence against the media, he feels like he’s on safer ground:

Trump is a racist, full stop. What’s it going to take for everyone to realize that? Does Donald Trump have to stand in the middle of Times Square and shout N-bombs? At this point, anyone who supports Donald Trump is saying, “Yeah. I’m OK with a racist President,” and if you’re OK with a racist President, you’re OK with racism, which means you’re a racist. Yesterday, Gallup showed that Trump’s approval rating fell to a new low of 34 percent. We’ll give it a couple more days to shake out, but from what I can see, about 30-33 percent of this country are straight-up bigots.

There’s still more good than not, but there’s an awful lot of bad in America right now.

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