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What Liberals Don't Understand about Donald Trump

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 29, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 29, 2019 |


Michael Sheen is in this season of The Good Fight on CBS All Access, and I cannot tell you how incredible he is in the role. He’s like Donald Trump combined with Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman. I feel like he’s already sealed up the Guest Appearance Emmy. Like Trump, his character is a protege of Roy Cohn, and as an attorney, Sheen’s fentanyl-lollipop licking character just … makes up facts. In last week’s episode, in defending his client for murder, he ends up accusing the … prosecutor of the crime. And he’s got the jury in his hands. He’s got no shame or integrity, and when you have no shame or integrity, you can say anything you want. In his arguments against his opponents, he has no interest in the truth. Zero. So, he will just make up stuff.

And it’s not like he bends the truth, or stretches it. He makes up facts, and the more outlandish the lie, the better.

In this week’s episode, Sheen’s character suggests that not only will Trump win in 2020, but he’ll win a third term, as well. Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) objects. “That will never happen.”

“Oh, because there will be holy hell to pay from Lindsay Graham?” Sheen’s character scoffs.

“People will rise up.”

“[Sarcastic guffaw] Oh, of course, they will. Because that’s what people do when the jobless rate is at 3.7 percent. They get angry and start breaking things. [Chants] ‘We want fewer jobs! We want fewer jobs!’

God, I hate him. But he is uncommonly good at framing a victory for someone else (his client) as a victory for them (the jury).

Sometimes, Sheen’s character just spews absolute nonsense.

Not to spoil the episode too much for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I’ll just say that, when Sheen’s character loses, he doesn’t accept it gracefully. He throws a hissy fit, and then he frames his enemies for crimes they didn’t commit.

Sheen’s character is a horrible, horrible human being, but he said something in this week’s episode that really stung, because it’s absolutely correct. “Trump wins because he sees life as a battle. Not a cause. He uses your strength against you. Liberals never get that.”

He’s 100 percent correct, and that’s exactly what Trump does! Liberals’ efforts to improve the climate?

Liberals’ efforts to improve health care?

The way liberals advocate for a woman’s right to choose.

Protecting the First Amendment?

That’s what he does. He diminishes our strengths. At least within his base, he turns our “causes” into our weaknesses with insults, threats, and lies. Our earnest attempts to make the country a better place are used as weapons against us. How do you beat that without burning the world down in the process? I don’t know, and I keep waiting for The Good Fight to figure it out.

Header Image Source: CBS All Access