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Rush Limbaugh: 'Slavery Is Like a Wife Who Cheats On You'

By TK Burton | Politics | July 27, 2016 |

By TK Burton | Politics | July 27, 2016 |

Watching Michelle Obama’s flawless speech on Monday night, I thought there’s nothing pundits can do to here, except sit back in awe. What possible criticism could they level at the speech?

There was Bill O’Reilly fact-checking the speech, trying to minimize one of the best lines by noting that the slaves were “well fed,” which would be a fireable offense on any other networks besides Fox News.

What about Rush Limbaugh? Did he have anything to add? Just that Obama and the Democrats need to get over it. “They’re never going to let it go … They can’t stop talking about slavery,” he said on his radio program, before launching into an extended analogy in which he compared slavery to … a wife who cheats on you.

Imagine that your wife has an affair, and it causes all kinds of acrimony, you almost lose your marriage. It’s really a rocky period of time. But you and your wife get together, and you decide that you’re going to forgive her, you’re going to look past it for the sake of the marriage and kids, and you move forward. He said okay. Now imagine, sir, every argument you have, you continue to remind her that she’s to blame for everything because she’s the one that had the affair. I said, your relationship hasn’t a prayer if you can’t let it go.

Yes, because a marriage breakup is the perfect analogy, Rush, you fucking mutant.

Is life for black Americans better now than it was in 1800? Yes, of course it is. But maybe we should strive for more than “it’s better than slavery.”

Americans are too forgetful. Blacks have basically only had the right to vote for 50 years. Only slightly less than that, my marriage would have been illegal. That is, in the grand scheme of a nation, an astonishingly short period of time. Don’t act like this country has been a paradise for minorities for a century. We *just* started evening the playing field LESS THAN A SINGLE LIFETIME AGO. It’s a blink, the first few steps up a steep motherfucking hill. If you think that all of the toxic, racist, horrible shit that flowed through American society has somehow been resolved in a mere 50 years, you’re fucking deluding yourself. Equality takes decades of struggle and work and change and fighting and keeping your foot on the gas without ever letting up. Every time I see an argument like Limbaugh’s, all it says to me is that there are a lot of white people out there who think I should be grateful because black people aren’t picking cotton under a whip anymore. Fuck that and fuck him.

And in case anyone needs reminding, this is what we’re fighting for this fall, and before the Bernie or Bust crowd cries that Trump and Hillary are the same, need I remind you that a victory puts the candidate of these troglodytes in the White House:


Keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide who should be in power in the country come November.