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One Person Is Excited About Deval Patrick's Run for President (But Just the One)

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 13, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 13, 2019 |


As many people that want to should be able to throw their hat in the ring and run for President. But you know what? You can’t just mosey in right before the filing deadlines and expect a huge reception. However, days after Michael Bloomberg announced that he might run for President if he feels like it, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is expected to launch his bid tomorrow.

Does he expect to get into the November debates next week? Does he expect to raise the money and the necessary poll numbers to qualify for the December debates? I mean, what gives, here? Neither Bloomberg nor Patrick are likely to qualify for any debate before Iowa, and there’s hardly enough time to do the requisite canvassing in New Hampshire and Iowa to perform well (in fact, if Bloomberg ultimately decides to run, he’s already decided to skip the first four states and put all his eggs in the Super Tuesday basket).

Basically, Bloomberg and Patrick are betting on name recognition? And I just don’t understand what kind of ego might lead a man to believe that the Democratic voters have just been waiting for them the whole time! Because we didn’t have enough moderate voices already?

From the NYTimes:

His task won’t be easy. Mr. Patrick enters the race with little organization, no campaign cash and an imperative to gather both as he also tries to appeal to voters in a contest where Super Tuesday takes place in early March, immediately after the first four nominating states. It’s also unclear when, or if, he’ll qualify for a debate.


[Bloomberg and Patrick] also believe there is room in the race for a more dynamic candidate who is closer to the political middle than Mr. Biden’s two most prominent challengers, Ms. Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders.

And they think they’re that dynamic?

OK, well, he delivers a good speech. On the other hand, he works for Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s venture capital firm, which won’t exactly endear Patrick to the left.

Meanwhile, there’s not a ton of support out there for him. At all. See?

I have scoured Twitter, and I have yet to find one person who is excited about this development. So, I guess it’s just Deval Patrick, then? It’s a small base, but an enthusiastic one!

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