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On April 25th, 2019, #DerangedDonald Was Born

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | April 26, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | April 26, 2019 |


The thing about Donald Trump that’s really infuriating is that he is very good at defining his opponents, typically in very sophomoric and offensive ways, but also in ways that are easy to remember. Because Donald Trump’s brain is addled, he repeats himself over and over and over, until the nickname invariably sticks, and the more the left gets pissed off about it, the more it sticks: Crooked Hillary, Pochahantas, Little Rocket Man, etc. It’s so effective that even those on the left use Trump’s nicknames against Republicans who were his former opponents: Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, etc. It’s what Trump does: He’s like a bad local commercial jingle: They’re awful, but they work. How many people from my generation can still remember what this phone number is for: 800-588-2300? I took a lot advertising and marketing classes as an undergrad, and they encourage actually this sort of thing, particularly with local ads or radio ads. It doesn’t matter how bad or obnoxious it is, it only matters if people remember it. That’s why radio commercials are cluttered with horrible hookworms.

We like to think of Trump as made of Teflon and that nothing sticks to him, but that’s because no one has successfully launched a sustained single-minded attack on Trump. There’s so much wrong with Trump and his Presidency that no one can agree on one thing on which we can attack him. Also, everyone has a nickname for Trump — I tried to get Donny Trash going in 2016 — but there are so many that no one nickname seems to want to stick.

Until now.

George Conway, the husband of Kellyanne, tweeted this out yesterday, and hell if it didn’t stick:

By midday it was trending, not just here, but in the UK:

In fact, it rose to number two worldwide:

It is sophomoric? Sure! But is it easy to remember? Absolutely. And it was started by the husband of one of Trump’s closest advisors, so all the better. And the #DerangedDonald tag has been fun to check in on, and it was still going this morning when our Commander in Chief misspelled a five-letter word.

The mainstream press has also picked up on it.

So, this will play out in one of two ways: A reporter asks Trump about it, and he responds negatively and gets all pissed off and defensive, in which case it finally sticks. Or the goddamn deplorables find a way to own it.

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