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Morning Briefing: Trump's Base in Terrifying Action, Plus AOC on Seth Meyers

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 22, 2019 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 22, 2019 |


What are we going to talk about this morning, folks? The fact that Jared Kushner and Ivanka used WhatsApp for official business, in violation of the records laws (and a far more egregious one than what Clinton was accused of)? And that Kushner may have even privately communicated with the Crown Prince through WhatsApp? No one is surprised by this. In fact, this is not the first time it has been reported. I’m not sure, even, that there’s much the House Democrats can do, except yell and complain, because, hell, Kushner and Ivanka didn’t even get through security clearances through normal channels. They had to get their Daddy to go over everyone else’s objections. They’ll just go to their Daddy to protect them.

What else is going on this morning? Trump gave an interview to Fox Business. He trashed John McCain again. Sometimes, someone on Twitter will take umbrage with the President bad-mouthing a dead man on Twitter, and I will make the mistake of reading some of the replies, and that’s when I am reminded of just how badly Trump supporters have been snowed. They repeat back Trump’s rambling, incoherent talking points, as though they were facts.

You remember Dan Crenshaw, the Texas Republican Congressman with whom Pete Davidson got into it? Read a few of the replies to this. The only sympathy he seems to get is from Louise Mensch, the insane conservative turned leftist conspiracy theorist.

The replies are dispiriting as hell.

There are like 1,000 comments like that. Fox News and Trump’s Twitter account have created ripe conditions for a dictatorship. I’m not sure how much longer we can hold up the levees. And these are the people that other Republicans — who also watch Fox News — see in their own mentions, which not only discourages them from standing up to the President but emboldens them to go along with him.

Just to reiterate: Christopher Steele’s document was not fake. It was a compilation of intelligence that had not yet been fully vetted or confirmed. It was not put forward as gospel. They were essentially credible allegations meant to be investigated and followed up on. And you know what? Most of the Steele dossier has been confirmed. The dossier was one predicate (among others, and not even the most important one) that served as a basis for a FISA warrant, which has resulted in a number of indictments and prison sentences among those in Trump’s orbit. The fact that the dossier suggested there was a pee tape — which may or may not be true — does not negate the other credible allegations. And this argument that all of the indictments and prison sentences are fruit of the poisonous tree is not only completely wrong, but LOOK AT ALL THE FRUIT. Trump and his supporters are so focused on the tree that THEY DO NOT SEE OR CARE ABOUT ALL THE ROTTEN FRUIT.

Anyway, that’s all very depressing, so here’s AOC on Seth Meyers last night, being charming and insightful. She even spills a little tea about her colleagues in the House, refutes some of the conspiracies surrounding the Green New Deal, and reminds everyone that it is a resolution and not a bill, even though the people who hate her and don’t care about the environment will never understand the difference.

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