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Louis C.K. Perfectly Sums Up Samantha Bee, Hillary Clinton

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | June 15, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | June 15, 2016 |

There’s a lengthy and excellent interview with Louis C.K. up over on New York Magazine at the moment, where he talks about his career, Horace and Pete, why he’s no longer doing Louie, masturbation, and — briefly — the Gawker rumors. There are two passages, however, that stand above them all, and those are his thoughts on Samantha Bee — and why she’s so good — and his view of the election.

Let’s start with the latter. Here’s how he frames the choice between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump.

I mean, Hillary is better at this than any of these people. The American government is a very volatile, dangerous mechanism, and Hillary has the most experience with it. It’s like if you were on a plane and you wanted to choose a pilot. You have one person, Hillary, who says, “Here’s my license. Here’s all the thousands of flights that I’ve flown. Here’s planes I’ve flown in really difficult situations. I’ve had some good flights and some bad flights, but I’ve been flying for a very long time, and I know exactly how this plane works.” Then you’ve got Bernie, who says, “Everyone should get a ride right to their house with this plane.” “Well, how are you going to do that?” “I just think we should. It’s only fair that everyone gets to use the plane equally.” And then Trump says, “I’m going to fly so well. You’re not going to believe how good I’m going to fly this plane, and by the way, Hillary never flew a plane in her life.” “She did, and we have pictures.” “No, she never did it.” It’s insane.

That’s about right. But he also nails why Samantha Bee is so uniquely vibrant, even before her anti-gun rant earlier this week.

Samantha is inevitable. She’s the next thing. We’re all talking about the same shit, but there’s always somebody out there that’s hitting a chord like nobody else, and that person is her … The other guys doing that kind of format are all good, but we’ve heard it. They’re beating a drum. That’s fine, but she’s really surprising. The thing that she does is she leans forward and she fucking pounds her hands like she’s hitting a pulpit. She’s angry. This is the new thing with her: She’s not smug. All of these guys, even Jon Stewart, who’s a fucking genius, he would get upset but he always stayed cool. Guys like to be a little above it. They like to be in control. Even after ranting, they suddenly calm down and smile. But Samantha doesn’t do that. She’s really fucking mad! She’s like, Yes, I am a fucking feminist! She’s right about everything that I see her talk about. She’s by far the most interesting as far as, here’s my take on this shit that everybody else is chewing on.

Voting for the Pajiba 10 starts in two weeks. Following John Oliver with Samantha Bee would certainly qualify as a proud moment for the site.

Source: Vulture

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