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Jordan Blue Is Every Decent Kid Stuck in a Small-Town, Conservative Hellhole

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 12, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 12, 2018 |


Many of you have probably seen this photo today. It’s of the entire 2019 class of Baraboo High School in Wisconsin, which has a population of around 10,000. And it’s exactly what you think it is. They even brag that they got the one Black kid from the class to throw the Sieg Heil, as though this were a prized accomplishment.

The photo was taken last Spring, and Vice writer Jules Suzdaltsev has spent much of the day on Twitter documenting the story behind that photo. He’s gotten a lot of DMs from people who attend or who have attended Baraboo High suggesting that the actions in the picture are not out of character for that school. There are a lot of messages like these:

The principal of the school has also weighed in, but based on all the other messages that Suzdaltsev has received, the photo is precisely reflective of the school’s values (I saw one former classmate blaming a teacher for teaching the kids the Sieg Heil sign; the teacher’s Twitter account has since gone private).

Of course, not every kid is participating. Look at the kid down in front! He doesn’t have his arm raised … oh wait.

But seriously, look up in the top right corner. THAT guy is every kid in a small, racist conservative town who managed to maintain his decency in the face of so much hate and racism. I love that guy, and let me just say, Jordan Blue: A lot of us have been exactly where you are right now.

And listen, Jordan Blue: It gets better. It really does. You’re going to be the guy who gets the f*ck out of Baraboo while the rest of them end up spending their lifetimes working at Wal Mart and used car lots while wallowing in their misery, blaming black people, women, gays, and lesbians for how terrible their lives have ended up. In a few years, you’ll see those assholes when you go back home to see your parents, and they will say “Why weren’t we friends back in high school?” while they’re drunk on Miller Light, or they’ll try and friend you on Facebook so that they can ask you for a job, and then they’ll get pissed when you won’t.

“Fuck you, I thought we were friends?!”

“No, bro. We were never friends.”

And listen, Jordan: In ten or 15 years, you won’t even remember their names. The bullies and assholes will mean nothing to you anymore. Less than nothing. In 12 years, you’ll be living your best life, and those guys will be 30 but look 50, choking on their Pall Malls and desperate for another guy like Trump to come along to validate them because no one else ever will.

You’re going to be alright, Jordan Blue. It’s hard right now, but much of the rest of America has your back. You just gotta keep your head down and survive the next six months, and after that, you’ll never have to think of Baraboo or those knobheads again.

Source: Jules Suzdaltsev

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Header Image Source: Twitter/Fair Use