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Joe Scarborough Destroys a Trump Spokesperson After She Suggests It's Time to Move on from the Russia Investigation

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | May 10, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | May 10, 2017 |

I love you people, and I’ve seen your comments, and I’ve seen many of you express your opinions on Twitter and Facebook not only on the Comey firing, but about the entire Trump Administration. I am seeing a lot of defeatism, and a lot of give up. That’s fine, and to each your own. I get it. Fear and concern are certainly warranted here as well as a healthy skepticism of the media, of Republican motives, and of the Democrats ability to actually stand up for the country. For four months, however, I have tried to put aside that sense of defeatism that creeps up, and I have been doing my damndest to look at this glass, which is neither half empty or half full, and recognize that at least there’s some water in it, and by God, I refuse to believe we’re going to drown in it.

I don’t want to sit back and let the bastards roll over us, so I search for hope, and curate it where I can find it, and on days like this, I’ll take it wherever I can find it, even if it means going back to the Morning Joe well.

This guy is a Republican, and he has been friendly with Trump, but the fact that he’s done a 180 on Donald Trump and become one of his most vocal critics gives me some hope that other Republicans will do the same. And the thing that I do really appreciate about Morning Joe right now is that there’s no Jeffrey Lord: Everyone on their panel has turned on Trump, and when Trump sends a spokesman like Sara Huckabee Sanders to defend the statement she made last night that America should “move on” from the Russian investigation — and even tries to pull Joe Scarborough in to back her up — everyone, including Scarborough, tells her that she’s flat-out wrong.

I may be unnecessarily optimistic, but it is not naive optimism, and it is moments like this that give me hope that the media will not cut Trump loose on this. It may seem, on some days, like the media has let Trump off the hook, but four months into it, and there is no sign that the Russian investigation story is taking a backseat. The media may turn its focus to healthcare for a day, or Syria for a day, but when the dust settles again, they always turn it back on Russia, and I honestly don’t think they’ll stop until they get some fucking answers. It may take four years of a Trump presidency to get there, but that’s four years that Donald Trump is forced to operate with a dark cloud hanging over him. If we can’t get an impeached President, I’ll take a crippled one.

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