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Jacob Wohl's Press Conference Is the Best Episode of 'Nathan for You' Ever

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 1, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 1, 2018 |


In a follow-up to my post this morning about how the media should not cover politics, I have to point you to one of the most appalling instances of journalism I have seen recently. On Monday, there was a powerful, amazing, beautiful peaceful protest of Trump in Pittsburgh. You could take any 30 seconds of this footage and turn it into an incredible ad not for the Democrats, but for the country. It was a moving scene, and though it was a protest of Trump, it seemed almost divorced of politics and tied into the grief for the losses in Pittsburgh and their efforts to unify. The absolute best thing the media can do here is to simply show the footage. That’s it. No commentary necessary. Let it speak for itself … and yet, about 60 seconds into this clip, one of the MSNBC reporters completely ruins it by asking, “Is this the Democrats’ closing message?”

The news media turned this powerful organic moment into a political talking point. They turned a city’s grief into part of the horse race. Appalling.

— Buuuuuuut speaking of the horse race, this is incredibly heartening, and that remains true even if Beto O’Rourke ultimately loses, because he’s gotten a lot more people involved in politics, a lot more people invested in what happens to Texas and to this country, and a lot more people who will care about what happens over the next two years, regardless of the outcome.

— Meanwhile, I don’t know that Ted Cruz is doing himself any favors by continuing to align himself with Steve King.

Maybe that’s advantageous for Cruz in Texas — racists stick together, y’all! — but maybe it’s not. Despite the GOP rebukes, the loss of corporate support, and the close polls in Iowa, Steve King is still confident that he has that race in the bag. And this is another one of those weird double-edged swords. I’m saying, “Hey! Steve King is racist, and Ted Cruz is tying himself to Steve King. Don’t vote for racists,” but maybe the other side is thinking, “Oh cool! They’re racists. Now, I’m even more inclined to vote for them!”

Such is politics in 2018.

— Meanwhile, speaking of early voting, independents are breaking for Democrats nationwide in a big way. There are also slightly more Democrats voting, and more Republicans voting Democrat than Democrats voting Republican, for whatever all of this is worth.


— Meanwhile, yeah: THIS is the problem, Fox News. The exact problem.

— Finally, the woman that was supposed to allege that Robert Mueller sexually assaulted her, “mysteriously” decided not to show up to Jacob Wohl’s “press conference” today because she “feared for her life” and panicked.

Anyway, I watched the livestream of the “press conference” for about 3 minutes. Jacob Wohl said that his fake investigation firm worked on a real-estate matter for the Mueller victim earlier this year even though his fake investigation firm has only been around for a few months and even though Wohl denied his connection to it until yesterday, and that on September 10th, the woman saw Robert Mueller in a newspaper article and said, “That was the man who assaulted me!” and took the allegation to Surefire Intelligence.

Wait? Robert Mueller has been a regular presence in the news for a year and a half, and she only just now realized on September 10th that he was the man that assaulted her?

It’s one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen.

Are we sure this is not some elaborate Nathan Fielder prank?