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Ivanka Trump is the Most Sinister Motherf*cker in the Room

By TK Burton | Politics | June 26, 2017 |

By TK Burton | Politics | June 26, 2017 |

In an interview this morning, Ivanka Trump told the White House’s marketing arm, Fox & Friends that she likes to “stay out of politics.”

A senior advisor to the President, who has an office in the West Wing, just said that she likes to “stay out of politics,” adding “”I’m more interested in being for something than against something.”

Uh huh.

I want to snap Ivanka like a fucking twig over my knee and throw her into the ocean. I am so furious at her poor little innocent, “I just want to help people and stay positive!” disingenuous fucking BULLSHIT that I want to scream. And the fact that it’s likely so deliberate and calculating, like she KNOWS that the pretty little innocent white blonde woman is so easy to portray as a victim and she fucking USES it to gain power, deflect criticism, and garner sympathy. Sometimes she feels like the most sinister motherfucker in the room.

She is literally using the victimization of women as a tool of manipulation for her own gain.

She’s fucking evil.

She’s the white woman version of Ben Carson or that fucking idiot Omarosa, using their blackness when it serves their purpose, while standing next to this fucking devil of a White House and supporting the very thing that creates victims out of their people. It’s utterly soulless. You know what Ivanka is? She’s a modern fucking Carolyn Bryant, lying about being victimized so that she can whip people into a fury and get them to defend her fictional fucking virtue, not realizing — or more likely, not caring — how much damage that will do.

At least Trump and Sessions and Bannon are honest about their abhorrent evilness. They wear it on their sleeves. She’s a fucking viper in sheep’s clothing, and every Fox news-loving dupe in America is being conned into thinking that she, one of the literally most powerful people in America, is being bullied. That she just wants to help, you guys! But the meanies on the left are just so cruel. Meanwhile, she remains complicit in an administration that treats women and minorities worse than fucking garbage.

I remember when we moved to the US and discovered how awful and racist some people could be under the guise of being good people. And we thought, at least in Apartheid they were fucking honest about it. They owned that shit. I’d rather have you scream it in my face than that underhanded, calculating bullshit. So the TV shows her smiling face, not realizing that below the frame she’s sharpening knives.

Guys, I don’t like Ivanka Trump very much.