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Hot Mic Picks Up Unidentified Voice Calling Paul Ryan Press Conference "Waste of My F*cking Time"

By Kylie Cheung | Politics | January 31, 2017 |

By Kylie Cheung | Politics | January 31, 2017 |

If our Republican-dominated Congress is famous for anything at all, other than its pathological resentment of poor people and women, it’s wasting our “f*cking time” with partisan, dead-end griping. This is often a result of lobbyists and corporations’ financial interests buying out lawmakers to push for this or that, and refuse to back down even on common sense issues, but it’s not even just that. Republican-led press conferences can now be categorized in the “waste of my f*cking time” category, according to one frustrated reporter at a Tuesday morning press conference with Ryan.

The hot mic comment followed Ryan’s statements on Trump’s latest orders regarding immigration and refugees from Muslim majority countries, and I have to agree with the reporter.

“What the president has asked us to focus on, something that we’ve ran on, is we’ve got to secure our border. We have a border security problem, that’s what the physical barrier on the border is all about and we have security concerns given this age of terrorism, given the fact that we have drugs coming across our border, we have an opioid problem,” Ryan said around the end of the press conference. “There are lots of reasons why our focus is first and foremost is on border security.”

Then, at about 1:14 in the video embedded below after Ryan has walked off the stage, an unidentified man’s voice mutters, “waste of my f*cking time,” and the comment is delightfully unmissable. It would be fun to fantasize that the hot mic comment was made by an unsuspecting Paul Ryan, but unfortunately, the speaker has yet to be identified, but someone please find him and give him a prize for saying what we were all feeling.

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