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Geraldo Shows Humanity, Christine Ford Shows Grace, and Gillibrand Shows Some Fight

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 27, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | November 27, 2018 |


— You don’t see this too often on Fox News, though when you do it’s usually Shep Smith, but here is Geraldo Rivera pushing back hard against the Fox News talking points about border issues.

Whoa. Also, was Jesse Walter joking when he suggested that, by calling himself the human piñata of Fox News, Geraldo was being “racist,” because that’s a lousy time to make a joke, and if it’s not a joke, then Jesus. What is wrong with you, Jesse Walters?

I should note, too, that one of the white guy’s responses to Geraldo’s plea for humanity here was to suggest that the people trying to cross the border were innocents being brainwashed by liberal activists in order to inflame the American political system.

These people have fallen so deep into the rabbit hole that they no longer realize that they’re in one.

— Speaking of Fox News talking points, they apparently scripted them for former EPA Chief Scott Pruitt and gave him the questions they were going to ask in advance, which is obviously unethical as hell.

You know how Trump used to get pissed off when the media suggested that he was being inordinately influenced by other people instead of making his own decisions, and how he would alienate those who gained too much power (see Steven Bannon)? Well, how about this: Trump isn’t running the country or making the decisions. Fox News is. You know what’s far more powerful than Donald Trump? Fox News. Trump is a Fox News puppet. Fox News is not a state-run organization. It runs the state. Trump is just a cog in their wheel.

— After all that Christine Ford has endured these last few months — moving four times, having a 24/7 security detail, receiving death threats — the woman still has the grace to donate the proceeds of her GoFundMe account to sexual trauma survivors. With some people, you just can’t break their inherent goodness.

— I know right now that it’s all Kamala and Warren and Booker and Bernie and Beto (who hinted that he might run in 2020 yesterday), but don’t sleep on Gillibrand. When Politico suggested that the Franken “scandal” might hurt her 2020 chances — and by “Franken scandal,” they mean, calling for his resignation over sexual misconduct allegations, which is hardly a “scandal” — Gillibrand provided the perfect response:

I have no idea who is going to win in 2020, but Bernie notwithstanding, it’s shaping up to be a pretty good field of candidates (and my dream ticket is in the header photo).

— Finally, as you are probably well aware, Manafort repeatedly lied to federal investigators, breaching a plea deal he agreed to only two months ago. Mueller’s asked the judge to set a sentencing date. Manafort is going away for a long time (at least 10 years) unless he gets a pardon. He’s basically useless as a witness now because he’s lied so much that he lacks credibility, so Mueller is throwing him to the lions. They’re done with him.