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Evening Briefing: Another Bombshell Puts Donald Trump in Legal Jeopardy. Again.

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | July 31, 2017 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | July 31, 2017 |

The Washington Post is reporting this evening that Donald Trump personally dictated the statement that Donald Jr. sent to the NYTimes regarding his involvement in a June 9th meeting, which we later learned was not about adoptions, but about dirt on Hillary Clinton, and was not attended by a handful of people, but by eight people, including a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin and a former Soviet counterintelligence agent.

Flying home from Germany on July 8 aboard Air Force One, Trump personally dictated a statement in which Trump Jr. said he and the Russian lawyer had “primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children” when they met in June 2016, according to multiple people with knowledge of the deliberations. The statement, issued to the New York Times as it prepared a story, emphasized that the subject of the meeting was “not a campaign issue at the time.”

Donald Jr.’s statement, as dictated by Trump, turned out to the almost entirely false, which Trump’s aides believe might put the President in more legal jeopardy with the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, as this all stinks of a coverup.

Meanwhile, apparently Jared Kushner pushed for complete transparency, which Trump clearly rejected. So, if you’re wondering about those leaks …

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— Speaking of the Russian probe, lost in the news today that Anthony Scarumucci was fired is the news that Trump’s new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, was so upset about the way that Trump fired James Comey that Kelly himself threatened to resign.

New White House chief of staff John Kelly was so upset with how President Donald Trump handled the firing of FBI Director James Comey that Kelly called Comey afterward and said he was considering resigning, according to two sources familiar with a conversation between Kelly and Comey.

I’m sure that Trump will be thrilled to hear that. It’s only a matter of days before Trump is throwing his own Chief of Staff under the bus, saying that there’s a conflict of interest there, too. Somehow.

— It looks like we won’t have to worry about an Obamacare repeal. The Republicans are throwing in the towel for the time being. South Dakota Senator John Thune says that they’re not going to try again anytime soon.

“Until somebody shows us a way to get that elusive 50th vote, I think it’s over,” said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the third-ranking Republican. “Maybe lightning will strike and something will come together but I’m not holding my breath.”

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch says that Republicans are simply “too divided” to reach a consensus.

In short: It’s over. They’re going to move on to taxes in the hopes of getting something to the floor in November, and I seriously doubt they’ll try to bring up healthcare again next summer ahead of the midterms. God knows what Trump will do to undermine Obamacare between now and then, but hopefully, the next time that any form of Trumpcare is brought up in Congress, the Dems will hold the majority in at least the House.

— Re: Anthony Scaramucci: There is “chatter” that Kellyanne Conway might take over his position as comms director. Bwahahahahahahaha.

— Finally, I know we have a lot of Bernie people here, and God bless you, but if you stand in the way of Kamala Harris in 2020, God help you.


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