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Donald Trump Hit on a 'The Washington Post' Reporter, Because Of Course He Did

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 22, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | March 22, 2016 |

The Washington Post reporter Karen Attiah had the misfortune of interviewing Donald Trump yesterday, as part of a meeting with the The Washington Post’s editorial board. And if you need any more proof that Donald Trump not only lacks substance, but is as dumb as a box full of orange hair, you need only see answers to his questions in print. Without the, uh, theatrics and arrogance, Trump’s answers just come off as rambling nonsense.

Here, for instance, is how he responded when asked about his negative polling numbers with Hispanics.

We do, if it’s illegals, in other words, if it’s everybody, but people that are legally living here, I’m doing very well. In other words, people that are here, like Hispanics that are in the country, I’m doing very well. People that vote. Like people leaving voting booths and all, I’m doing very well with them. I want to be inclusive, but at the same time, people should come here legally, they should be here legally. And I think the reason I’m doing, that I will do well, especially once I get started, don’t forget I haven’t even focused on Hillary yet. And, and as you know, you know I’ve had polls that are against me, but I’ve had many polls that say I’d beat Hillary, but they’re not that, that, they don’t mean anything now because it’s too early. Because I haven’t hit her. I’ve only hit her once, and that was eight weeks ago, but, I haven’t started on Hillary yet, and when I do I think I’ll be able to make my points. I mean, you know, but, but I think that just to try and answer your question: Uh, I am the least racist person that you will ever meet. Okay. That I can tell you.

That is rambling nonsense for the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. He’s not just a racist and a fascist. Donald Trump is a fucking moron.

He’s also a fucking moron who thinks it’s appropriate to comment on the looks of a The Washington Post reporter.

As the meeting ended and we were walking out of the room, I thanked Trump for taking my question. He turned to me and said, “I really hope I answered your question,” and added casually with a smile, “Beautiful.” I was stunned. I didn’t say thank you, and I don’t think I smiled. He then walked out to meet with my Post colleagues briefly before heading to the elevator. I stayed in the conference room for a few minutes as it sunk in that the potential GOP nominee for president thought it was okay to comment on my appearance. Did he just say that?


So, if you’re keeping a running tally at home, Donald Trump is not only a racist, fascist, fucking moron, he’s also a total creep.

Source: The Washington Post

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