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Concerned About Kinkshaming Donald Trump? F*ck Off With That Right Now

By Courtney Enlow | Politics | January 11, 2017 |

By Courtney Enlow | Politics | January 11, 2017 |

As we become more progressive as a people, as we become more understanding of things we used to immediately dismiss or mock, we have become more concerned about the culture of shaming. Hence the prevalence of terms like fat-shaming, or slut-shaming, or any other form of shaming someone for something that is none of our business or something society needs to stop demonizing. It’s not PC culture gone mad; it’s minds opening to things we once knee-jerkedly ridiculed, keeping these people or ideas down where they can remain jokes or objects of derision.

As such, there were those whose reaction to Golden Shower-gate was one of concern. Concern that we were laughing at an innocuous kink rather than the vastly more serious allegations that have surrounded him his entire candidacy and beyond.

And to you I would say, don’t fucking worry. Mock away, laugh away, be horrified. Joke, cry, cower in fear. But don’t be concerned about kinkshaming.

Writer Audra Williams has the best explanation as to why.

This was not merely a video of Donald Trump getting urinated on, or simply asking sex workers to urinate on each other for his enjoyment. This was specifically an act of pettiness, humiliation and degradation.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 9.25.55 AM.png

The only “kink” at play here is one of pissing on a bed where Barack and Michelle Obama, a black couple who rose to the highest seat of power in the nation, a couple Donald Trump has spent years trying to delegitimize and destroy, once slept.

The man has used power and privilege to assault women, to tear away rights, to destroy our first black president. Shame him in any way you see fit. Shame him for this, for his business, for his lack of money, for every cabinet pick and decision that will crush the rights of all of us as citizens. Shame him, drag him, laugh at him because that’s where it hurts him most. He’s earned it.

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