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Welcome to the Author Archive for Courtney Enlow

courtney_enlow_headshot.jpg Courtney Enlow, Features Writer Extraordinaire: Courtney Enlow is a former managing editor for Pajiba who now pops in unannounced like Kimmy Gibbler to write features. She is also the associate editor of SYFY Fangrrls and co-host of Trends Like These with Travis McElroy and Brent Black. She has written for Vanity Fair, Glamour, The Huffington Post and Bustle. You can follow her on Twitter.

Liveblogging the 2018 Golden Globes

How YouTube Star Logan Paul Found the Line, Crossed it, Sh*t on it and Set it on Fire

Liveblogging the Holidays: 'Love Actually'

Sexual Assault, Powerful Men and Realizing the Gaslights Really Are Flickering

Liveblogging the Holidays: 'Prancer'

Liveblogging the Holidays: 'A Christmas Story Live' Real-Time Review

A Holiday Open Letter to Ellen Griswold: The Season's Most Tragic Figure

'The Disaster Artist' Review: Leave Your Negative Reviews in Your Pocket

In Which We Thank 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and Rosa Diaz for Using 'The Word'

F*cking Finally--Netflix Has Fired Alleged Rapist Danny Masterson

A Netflix Exec Said He Doesn't Believe the Danny Masterson Allegations--To One of Masterson's Accusers

Netflix Cancels the Miranda Sings Show, Still Totally Cool with Danny Masterson, Accused of Raping Four Women

Some Important Cancellation News

36 Reasons 'While You Were Sleeping' Is the Best Romantic Comedy of All Time

On Believing Women vs. Believing Your Friend Dave Who Is Just, Like, Such a Good Guy

Lena Dunham and the '80-Cent Wage Gap' of White Feminism

Danny Masterson's Alleged Victims Are Speaking Up. Netflix Continues to Do Nothing

Bryan Cranston Thinks Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein Deserve a Second Chance. F*ck That

Louis C.K. and How Predators Victimize Themselves by Making Women Feel Sorry for Them

About November 8

Kristina Cohen's Post about Ed Westwick Is Everything You Should Know about Rape Culture and Why We Don't Report

Danny Masterson Accused of Raping Four Women--So Why Hasn't Netflix Acted?

Andy Dick Accused of Sexual Assault--Who Could Have Seen This Coming?! (All of Us. Here's a List)

USA Cancels 'Playing House,' Thanks for Three Bangin' Seasons

Alexander Skarsgard Is Here to Confuse You in Your Pants

'But These Allegations Could Ruin a Man's Career!' Right. Here's a List of Men Accused of Assault Whose Careers Turned Out Just Fine

Are Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Back Together? Just Give Us This, Universe

There Is No Body Double Melania Trump Conspiracy Because We Can't Have Any Fun

Add Terry Gilliam to the Pile of Powerful Assholes in Hollywood

Are We Better or Worse Off with President Trump Versus President Pence?

Weinstein, Power and Consent: From 'Harvey's Girls' to Now

My 5-Year-Old Reviews 'My Little Pony: The Movie,' Kind Of

Donald Trump Accuses Puerto Rico of Being Lazy, Is Golfing, Can F*ck Himself Sideways with a Hair Brush

We Are Forever Merely Bodies, Eternally Just Things

How Kevin James's 'Kevin Can Wait' Killed Erinn Hayes Off So His Character Could Bang Leah Remini

GOOP Promotes Crystals for Sexual Trauma, Can Officially Go F*ck Itself

Liveblogging the 2017 Emmy Awards

Taylor Swift and Her Amazing Technicolor Bullsh-t

Another Famous Man Turns Out to Be Disappointing. Consider Us Unsurprised

2017 Has Been Such Batsh*t Madness, We Haven't Even Talked about Barb from 'Stranger Things' Being Nominated for a Goddamn Emmy

The Adventure Zone Fandom Says Farewell--and #GreatJobDMGriffin--to the Podcast's Balance Arc

The F*ckability of Alt-Right Nazi Dipsh*ts Is Horribly Beside the Point. But Let's Nip that Right in the Bud Anyway

The Horrifying John McCain 'Jokes' No One Talks About

Chester Bennington and the Unfortunately Frequent Reminder that Suicide Isn't Selfish

'Grease 2:' Feminist Masterpiece and the Superior 'Grease' Film

A List of Things You Should Not Put in Your Vagina, According to Science

Michael Gambon Has a Wife and a Mistress and Everyone Is Cool with It Because Albus Dumbledore? That Guy F-cks

Johnny Depp Will Be Fine. They Always Are

The Illinois Bishop and His Catechism of Hate

A Love Letter to Billie Lourd, Debbie Reynolds and Those of Us Who've Loved an Addict

Liveblogging the Now Oscar-Winning 'Suicide Squad'

Justin Timberlake Is a Thirsty Mess of a Human Assh*ole

We Are All Barry Goldberg Finding Out 'Moonlight' Was the True Winner

Liveblogging the 2017 Oscars

Patrick Stewart Tells Us All about His Pants Picard (It's His D*ck, Guys, He's Talking about His D*ck)

Lin-Manuel Miranda Singing R. Kelly's 'Ignition' Is the Only Thing You Need Today

Good Human Beings Continue to Be Good While Your Protest Vote Ruins Everything

An Empty Makeup Box Is Bullying People on Social Media Because That's Just Where We Are in Society

The 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Reboot Has Movie Sign and a Netflix Release Date

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross Had Their Baby, Are Adorable Baby Name Trolls

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was 'Racially Profiled' For Wearing a Headscarf. ...K.

Jennifer Garner Is No One's Ashes, Sad Affleck

The Brutal Depiction of Anxiety on 'This Is Us' Is Its Biggest Gutpunch Yet

Liveblogging Lifetime's Britravesty 'Britney Ever After'

Why In God's Name Is Allison Williams Cosplaying as Kellyanne Conway on the Cover of Allure?

We Received a Press Release for Kid-Friendly Ecstasy for Children and I Need to Talk About It

Susan Sarandon Remains the Worst

Whatever Happened to Kevin Smith's 'Mallrats 2' and 'Clerks 3'?

Actual, Liveable Self-Care Tips for this Bonkers Bullsh*t Time

Ed Sheeran Thinks He and Taylor Swift Are Just a Couple of Underdogs. Super Rich, Ultra White Underdogs

Dakota Johnson Fits Stuff Into Her Tooth Gap, Remains Far Too Good for 'Fifty Shades'

An Open Letter to Those Who Said Hillary Clinton Was Just as Bad as or Worse Than Trump

To Salma Hayek, Shirley MacLaine, Cat Cora and Anyone Shouting Down Jessica Williams and Other Women? Just. F*cking. Listen

Brie Larson Is So Over Saying Casey Affleck's Name at Award Shows

Samantha Bee to Host 'Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner' the Same Night as Actual Correspondents' Dinner

Quick Reminder: This Is Why We Should All Be 100% In Favor of Punching Nazis

Aw, Sad, Rob Lowe Was Inconvenienced by the Protests Against the Muslim Ban (UPDATE)

Mel Gibson Is Having a Great Day Because #OscarsSoSexualAssaulty

Roman Polanski Is Super Sad That Everyone Hates Him, Guys :(

Chris Brown Responds to Aziz Ansari's SNL Monologue By Calling Him 'Aladdin'

From the DoD to Olivia Munn, Everyone Is Being Shady Today and We Love It

Susan Sarandon Reminds Us to 'Show Up' and Resist Trump. Like You Did, Susan?

Taylor Swift Is Getting Called the F*ck Out Again

Remember That Time Donald Trump Tried to Get Involved with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's Breakup?

Please. Please 2017. Please. Let Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Be Back Together. Give Us This

Samoas or Caramel deLites? Why Do Girl Scout Cookies Have Different Names Depending On Where You Live?

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Josh Groban and Other Faves Singing 'Careless Whisper' Is What We Need

Barack Obama's Going Home: A Presidential Pajiba Love, One Last Time

Johnny Depp Thanks the Assh*les Who Stood By Him After Abusing His Wife

In 1999, Donald Trump Wrote about the Dangers of 'Rewriting History and Spreading Fear' to 'Gain Political Power'

Kate Hudson's Primary Job Now Seems to Be 'Being Kate Hudson'

John Oliver Returns Feb. 12 and He's Not Allowed to Take Time Off Again for the Next Four Years

'Will & Grace' Returning to TV for 10 Glorious Episodes

That 'Fake for a Movie' Ben Affleck Tattoo Mess Makes No Appearance in 'Live by Night'

'Sherlock' Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Don't Get Along, Not a Big Deal Because They're Dudes

The Most Infuriating, F*cked Up, Batsh*t Bonkers Statements from Trump's Times of London Interview

The Full Trailer for 'The Santa Clarita Diet' Has Dropped and We Are So In

Oh Wow, Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding Is No Joke

Broadway Stars' Concert for America Is the Most Important Thing Happening on Jan. 20

Donald Trump Shouldn't Even Speak or Type Martin Luther King's Name

Octavia Spencer Bought Out a Theater So Low-Income Families Could See 'Hidden Figures'

Women Spoke Just 27% of the Words in 2016's Top Ten Movies

Marie Osmond Is a Little Bit Country, But Not *That* Country

Milwaukee Brewers Player Has a Helpful Tip for Those of Us Terrified about Losing Birth Control Access: Abstinence

Sterling K. Brown Offers Himself Up for 'Green Lantern Corps' and We Offer Up Our Lions in Support

L'Oreal Has Been Celebrating Blake Lively's 'Diversity' for Years

All the Times Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Have Given Us Hope for Their Love This Awards Season

STFU, Steve Harvey. Sincerely, People Who Aren't Garbage

Trevor Noah Fights for the True Victims of Meryl Streep's Speech: Guys in Tapout Shirts

Liveblogging Depression: Here's What This Sh-t Feels Like

Ashton Kutcher Was Deemed Worthy of Three Times More Money Than Natalie Portman

Concerned About Kinkshaming Donald Trump? F*ck Off With That Right Now

Travis Tritt Is Against Celebrities Talking Politics (Unless It's Him, Then It's Cool)

Tom Hiddleston Apologizes for His Globes Speech, Should Have Un-Humblebragged More Eloquently

Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds Make Out, Prove Spideypool Is Real

Liveblogging the 2017 Golden Globes

Ben Affleck Either Has a New Ladyfriend or He's a Time Traveler or Both

A Tribute to the Majestic Love Ballads of '80s/'90s Soap Operas

Leah Remini's 'Scientology and the Aftermath' Is Must-Watch Television

International Lawyer and Activist Amal Clooney Reportedly Expecting Twins with Actor Husband

The WaPo Express Did a Cover Story on the Women's March. They F*cked It Up

'Girl Meets World' Has Been Cancelled. Here's Why It Mattered

A Former 'American Idol' Loser Got Called White at an Airport Popeye's and Cried about It on TV

'Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher' Will Drown Us All in Our Own Tears

Angelina Jolie Is Not F*cking Around

Seasons Change, Years Come and Go, But Chris Brown Will Always Be the Worst

Kim Kardashian Returns to Social Media and Removes, Then Re-Adds 'West' to Her Social Accounts--WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Will Getting Hit By a Bus Kill You?

How a Disney Junior Cartoon Predicted the Election

The First Great Mommy Shaming of 2017, Courtesy of Eva Amurri

Day 25: And At Christmas, You Tell the Truth - Saying Farewell to 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Day 24: The Real 'Love Actually' Drinking Game - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Day 23: The Tragic True Story of My Attempt to Liveblog 'Love Actually' - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Festivus Airing of the 2016 Grievances

Day 22: You Win This One, Robots - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Surprise! Johnny Depp Is Still an Assh*ole

Emma Stone Talks Equality, Says Directors Give Her Improvised Lines to Male Co-Stars

Rape Culture Is the Director of 'Passengers' Believing Most Would Do What Chris Pratt's Character Did

Day 21: 'Love Actually' Versus 'The Holiday'--What Flawed Fave Wins? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Which Celebs Does Jennifer Lawrence Hate?! WE NEED TO KNOW

Find Someone Who Looks at You the Way Chris Hemsworth Looks at Michael Shannon

Justin Bieber Drunk in a Fur Coat Is Our New Christmas Card

All the Reboots Coming Soon to TV

Day 20: What It's Been Like Watching 'Love Actually' Every Day for 25 Days - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

A Very Reproductive Rights Horror Show Edition of Pajiba Love

Words of Hope from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Remind Us That Maybe Hope Is Only Mostly Dead

Scientologists Are So Scared They're Moving Tom Cruise to the 'Super Power Building'

Day 19: These 'Love Actually' Deleted Scenes Are Completely Bonkers - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Day 18, Part 2: Just a Normal Post, No Warning about the Robot Uprising - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Day 18: Colin Firth--The Ted Mosby of 'Love Actually' - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Daryl Dixon Probably Killed Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger's Relationship

SHAMONE! 'South Park' Creator Trey Parker Is the Villain in 'Despicable Me 3'

Day 15: What the F*ck Is this Christmas Pageant All About Anyway? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Jennifer Lawrence Is Relatable, Urinates Outdoors Behind Her Mother JUST LIKE US

This Majestic Cover of 'All I Want for Christmas' Is Our 2016 Holiday Anthem

They're Still Trying to Make a 'How I Met Your Mother' Spinoff Happen

Martin Sheen, Debra Messing and Others Urge Electors to Vote Anyone but Trump

Day 14: Reminder--Emma Thompson Is Wearing a Fat Suit and Stays with Her Garbage Husband - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Hilary Duff Kissed Her Child and the Internet Was FURIOUS

Johnny Depp Still Sucks, Still Trying to Get Out of Paying Amber Heard

Grown-Ass Adult John Mayer Posted a Bitter Tweet about Taylor Swift's Birthday

'Timeless' Star Matt Lanter Shares His Powerful Story of Triumph Living with a Girly Dog

Day 13: The Hump Point Hump-Post -- What Pairs Should Have Ended Up Together? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Piers Morgan Says Madonna and Lady Gaga Lied about Being Raped Because He Is a Piece of Sh*t

'Atlanta' Star Lakeith Stanfield Receives the Kanye West Award-Jacking Award at the Critics' Choice Awards

Day 12: The Real Villain of the Movie? Laura Linney's Brother's C*ckblock of a Mental Hospital - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Accused Sexual Abuser Casey Affleck Continues to Be Doing Fine

EXCLUSIVE: All the Celebrities Set to Attend President Trump's Inauguration

Day 11: Let's Play a Game of Mortal, Imaginary or Sex Robot - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Day 10: Why Is Emma Thompson's Entire Character a Lie? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Sam Hyde, That Guy Who Created the Adult Swim 'Alt-Right' Show, Is a Real Sh*tbird

Day 9: Wait, Alan Rickman's Company Does WHAT? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

TJ MIller Got Arrested for Slapping His Uber Driver After an Argument about Donald Trump

2016's Tearjerkiest Commercials

Day 8: An Examination of All the Body Issues in 'Love Actually' - 25 Days of 'Love, Actually'

Day 7: A Brief Musical Interlude - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Last Night's 'This Is Us' Was an Even Bigger Emotionfest Than Usual

So, You're Dead Inside

Day 6: Is Tony a Time Traveler, Teleporter, or Just a Victim of Bad Editing? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

A Series of Reactions to Washington Post's 'How to Make Feminism Great Again' Article

Day 5: What's the Deal with the American Girls and Why Are They Into Garbage Colin? - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

No, Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci Did Not Physically Rape Maria Schneider--But That's Not the Point

Day 4: Alan Rickman's Secretary Might Be a Sex Robot - 25 Days of 'Love Actually'

Day 3: What Exactly Is President Billy Bob Doing to Natalie's Head? - 25 Days of 'Love, Actually'

Day 2: Movie, I'd Like to Have a Word with Your HR Supervisor - 25 Days of 'Love, Actually'

We Need to Talk about NSYNC's Fashion Choices

A Comprehensive Breakdown of Everything Awfulsome about Lifetime's Britney Spears Biopic

Is Andrew Garfield Trolling Us Right Now?

Day 1: Is Peter and Juliet's Wedding Unstuck in Time? - 25 Days of 'Love, Actually'

Human Pile of Scarves Finally Deigns to Pay His Divorce Settlement

Your Boozy Aunt Courtney Is Here to Tell You about the Gossip Surrounding Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

Not Gonna Lie, Mariah Carey's Impossibly Strict Diet Sounds Fancy and Delicious

Chip and Joanna Gaines of 'Fixer Upper' Belong to an Anti-Gay Church that Promotes LGBT Conversion

Evan Rachel Wood Talks about Her Rape Experiences

There's Going to be a 24/7 Taylor Swift Channel. No We Don't Know Why

Sweet Potato Toast and Other Lies Perpetrated by Pinterest

Slate Thinks PMS Is Made Up. *cracks knuckles* So Let's Talk PMS

The Disturbing Realization Reading about Casey Affleck's Sexual Harassment Allegations

Welcome to the Hellmouth: Your Weekend in Trump - Nov. 24-27

Spoilers for the Shows You Couldn't Keep Up with Because You Were Too Sad about the Election

Colin Jost Remains the Worst, Blames Gender Identity Options for Trump

Don't Worry, My Terrified Friends--Gwyneth Paltrow Reminds You It's 'Such an Exciting Time to Be an American'

Joel McHale Reveals Shocking Information, Divulges that Chevy Chase Is a Huge Ass*ole (These Are Unrelated Things)

'Let's Go, Democrats. I'll Kill You All.' The Real Story of That Trump Supporter at Hamilton Chicago

The Hamilton Cast Has a Powerful Message for Boo-Victim Mike Pence

If You're Curious Who Paris Hilton Voted For, It's the One Who Leched All Over Her When She Was 12

That Time a 1987 Newsweek Reader Shaded All Future Americans

Mike Pence and this Hugely Diverse Group of Outsiders Are Here to Shake Up the Status Quo

Fuck You, Dr. Phil

Trump Supporters Boycotting Pepsi, Oreos, and Netflix; Let's Buy Pepsi and Oreos and Binge-Watch Stuff

If You Were Wondering If Ivanka Might Ever Wise Up and Cut Ties...LOL No

Here's Something Gross Unrelated to Trump: Tony Bennett First Met His Wife While She Was a Fetus

A Seriously Sexy List of All the Times Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Earned that Sexiest Man Alive Title

There's a Conspiracy Theory Involving Barcodes, the Devil and 'The Mark of the Beast'

Emily Doe, Stanford Sexual Assault Survivor, Named a Glamour Woman of the Year

A Naked Zack Morris (aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar) Is Exactly What We Need Today

The 'Beauty and the Beast' Official Trailer Is Here to Stop the Petals of Your Heart-Rose from Falling Off

The One Thing We Can All Do to Stand Up for What's Right (And No, It's Not a Safety Pin)

Just a Bunch of Barack Obama and Joe Biden BFF Memes Because We Need That

That Hayley Atwell Show She Was Too Good For Got Cancelled

Leslie Odom, Jr. Will Heal this Nation with Some Christmas Spirit

I Think We Can Assume That Donald Trump 'SVU' Episode Probably Won't Air

Dylan Marron Continues to Be the Best of Humanity, Tells Trump Supporters 'I Love You'

Take Care of Yourself Today--Tomorrow Needs You

Prince Harry Defends Girlfriend Meghan Markle from Tabloids and Trolls

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Hamilton Are Here to Make Everything All Better

If You Won't Listen to the Rest of Us, Listen to George R. R. Martin and Vote Against Orange Ramsay Bolton

Lena Dunham Compares Voting Jill Stein to Being Someone's Sidepiece, We Don't Know, It's Weird

You Are Not Emotionally Prepared for This Pro-Black Lives Matter, Pro-Obama Glenn Beck Interview

Rami Malek Is Playing Freddie Mercury in the Queen Movie

#SpiritCooking and Devil Worship: Just Another Day for Wikileaks and Trump Supporters

'Running Zack' Morris Apologizes for that 'Saved by the Bell' Episode

The Code Word is Go, Cubs, Go! Hamilton's Chicago Cast Honors the Cubs

Forget 'Back to the Future'--'Parks and Recreation' Predicted the Cubs 2016 World Series Win

Just a Big Damn List of Awesome Things Related to the Cubs Win Because Why the F*ck Not, WE WON, BABY!

Child Rape, Forced Abortions and Beyond: Leah Remini Takes on Scientology

Go Ahead. Vote Your Conscience at the Polls

Actual Angel Rowan Blanchard Joins Ava DuVernay's 'A Wrinkle In Time'

This Hillary Clinton Email Shows What a Crooked Monster She Truly Is

Scott Walker Tried to Make a Sick Burn, Accidentally Endorses Hillary Clinton

Tom Hanks Has His Halloween Costume--Any Questions?

The Best Feel-Good Guilt-Free Gore-Fest Horror Flicks for Halloween Joy and Rapture

Alfred Hitchcock: One of Hollywood's Most Acclaimed Sexual Predators

The TL;DR of the Latest Clinton Email 'Scandal': It's Nothing. Calm Down.

Amy Schumer Doesn't Get It and Doesn't Seem to Care

Chris Hemsworth Apologizes for His Problematic Halloween Costume in the Best Way

Today in 'God Dammit, White People' News, We Bring You 'Coat Switching'

There's the Bad-Mess 'American Horror Story' We Know

Crosswalk Buttons, Elevator Door-Close Buttons and Our Very Lives Are a Lie

Human Sack of Excremement Promises to 'Grab [His] Musket' If Trump Loses

Patton Oswalt Discusses the Loss of His Wife, Breaks Our Hearts

How We'd Spend Our Birthday if We Were Hillary Clinton

Will Ferrell Resurrected His George W. Bush Impression to Take on Trump

Megyn Kelly Has Become the Biggest Example of White Feminism at Work

'We Basically Handed Her a Porn Machine': Practical Horrors of Raising Children in the Internet Age

Don't Dream It, Don't Be It, Don't Watch It: A Not Live Discussion of the Not Live 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'

Is Your Internet Being a Slow Sack of Buttholes Today? It's Not Just You

'American Horror Story: Roanoke' Keeps Breaking Our Trash-Based Rating System

In Celebration of Nasty Women

A New Willy Wonka Movie Is Happening, Oh My God, STOP

Let's Wildly Speculate What Ivanka Trump and Anita Hill Are Talking About

Garbage Troll Tweets that Periods Can Be Stopped through Bladder Control, Gets Exactly What He Wants

Discover Tanis: The Most Beautiful, Creepiest, Best Podcast

In Advance of the Final Presidential Debate, We Bring You Our Harrowing Debate Tale

Who the F*ck Is Phoebe Price? A Pajiba Investigation

The Adorable Connection Between 'This Is Us' and Hamilton

Keegan Michael Key and Joss Whedon Talk about the Weather (in a Trump Hellscape)

Rose McGowan's List of Reasons #WhyWomenDontReport Is Eye-Opening and Heartbreaking

Tracy Morgan Is Coming Back to TV

Leslie Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Sexiest Teacher Alive Are in a Three-Way Twitter Love Connection

PETA Remains the Worst, Uses 'Grab a P*ssy' to Promote Cat Adoption

Quit It with the Idea That Sexual Assault Has Anything to Do with Appearance

'And Don't F*ck It Up': Discussing the 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2' Finale with Mark Shrayber

Let's Check in On 'American Horror Story'...Yep, That Sounds about Right

#NextFakeTrumpVictim Is Every Reason Assault Victims Don't Come Forward

Campbell's New Spider-Man Commercial Will Brighten Your Whole Day

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Reunite for 'Best F(r)iends'

The Only Way to Celebrate #NationalFarmersDay? With

Donald Trump Talking about Women's Skin Remains the Creepiest Thing Ever

Wikileaks October Surprise Focuses on the Real Issues: The Connection Between Blink-182 and Aliens

The Difference Between '50 Shades', Beyoncé and P*ssy Grabbin' with Trump

Holy F*ck, There's a Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume for Sale

Hillary Clinton Has the Drag Vote--Queens Lip Sync as Donald Trump

This Trump Surrogate Pearl-Clutchingly Quoted Beyoncé on CNN

Amber Tamblyn Shares Her Story of Sexual Assault, or Locker Room Talk If You're Donald Trump

A Bit of Hope, Courtesy of the Students at Wash U: Scenes from the Presidential Debate

Live Talking The Presidential Debate with Courtney Enlow

Kelly Clarkson Is Here to Speak the Truth about the Garbage Nonsense Experience of Pregnancy

Ben & Jerry's Says Black Lives Matter; We All Scream for Ice Cream

We Call Out to Celebrity Couple Jesus, Let Abbi Jacobson and Carrie Brownstein Be a Thing

Kim Kardashian Shows Us the Effects of Victim Blaming

The Creepiest Podcast Episodes for Your October Listening Pleasure

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster Engaged, in More Pressing News Have Apparently Been Dating

Can Any Title Beat 'Batman v Superman's' Stupidity Game? They're Sure Going to Try

Kid Cudi Has Checked into Rehab for Depression and Suicidal Urges

Here's the Trailer for Lifetime's 'Who Killed JonBenét?' to Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Puddy Is Lemony Snicket in Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

DJ Tanner's Daughter Was on 'The Voice.' She Sure Did Sing

The 'Golden Girls' Action Figures Are the Only Things We've Ever Wanted

Colin Jost and Michael Che Up Their Garbage Game by Saying Nice Things about Donald Trump

Steven Avery's Engagement Is Off. LOVE IS DEA--Oh, Wait, We're Good with This One

Fake Police Officers and Other Things Men Don't Realize Women Fear

Kim Kardashian Was Robbed at Gunpoint and People Are Being Absolute D*cks about It

Milo Ventimiglia Gushing Over His 'This Is Us' Co-Stars Is Precious

Ted Cruz Reviews 'Now You See Me' to Attack Mark Ruffalo, Whatever, No One Knows What's Happening Anymore, The World Is Melting

Nate Parker on Rape Allegations: 'I Don't Feel Guilty'

What Game Are You Running Here, Taylor Swift?

Emily Blunt Railing Against the Word 'Likable' Makes Her Even More Likable

Allison Williams Bidding Farewell to Marnie Michaels Is Adorable

James Corden Performs with the Single Best Boy Band of Them All, The Backstreet Boys

A List of Men We Don't Hate In Order to Shut Up Commenters Who Accuse Us of Man-Hating

This Is a Post about Jake Gyllenhaal's Pubic Hair

Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Host SNL and Everything Is Going to Be OK

Yes Men, All Women Really Have Been Taught to Politely Tolerate Your Bullsh*t

Watch Claire Foy and Matt Smith in the Trailer for Netflix's 'The Crown'

Karen Walker Lives! The 'Will & Grace' Cast Reunited to Take Down Trump

JonBenét Ramsey and the Blurred Line Between Entertainment and Murder

Brody Jenner Is Every Dumb High School Acquaintance You Haven't Unfriended on Facebook Yet

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's 'Moana' Promotion Is the Only Good Thing in the World

Leah Remini Developing Docu-series about Scientology, Must Be Protected

The Ultimate 'What This Famous Person Looks Like Now Is JAW-DROPPING' Click-Bait Post

Guys, WTF Is Happening in 'Transformers 5?'

Bill Hader Will Play Alpha 5 in the 'Power Rangers' Movie Because Alpha's Magical Christmas Comes Early This Year

'Great British Bake-Off' Is Just Paul Hollywood and a Baguette in a Wig at this Point

Remember that Ukrainian 'Prankster' Who Assaults People on Red Carpets? Gigi Hadid Hit Him

See This Stupid Necklace? It's $125. Thanks, John Mayer

Holy Sh*t, Brad Pitt Is Under Investigation for Child Abuse (UPDATE)

While You Were Being Outraged about Peaceful Kneeling, Police Are Still Shooting Black People

Actors You Didn't Know Were Broadway Legends, You Uncultured Swine

Angelina Jolie Wants You to Grab Your Popcorn for This One

CNN Has Suspended Corey Lewandowski After Learning He's Still on the Trump Payroll

Show Us Your Tats: The Stories Behind Our Tattoos

How Could the Trump Skittles Meme Get More Idiotic? By Using an Unauthorized Photo...from a Refugee

Angelina Jolie Filed for Divorce from Brad Pitt--Holy Sh*t

Jason Lee and Other Celebrities Who've Freed Themselves from Xenu's Clutches

Watch the 'Stranger Things' Kids Sing 'Uptown Funk' in This Unaired Emmys Clip

Pedro Pascal Was the Secret Winner of the Emmys

Liveblogging the 2016 Emmys

'American Horror Story' Season 6: Are You a Good Mess or a Bad Mess?

'Caddyshack' Is Not a Good Movie

Update: Following This Donald Trump 'Dr. Oz Show' Thing Is Making Us Sick

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Got Matching Tattoos

Blake Shelton Isn't the Most Questionable Thing Gwen Stefani Is Doing Right Now

Yesterday's 'Great British Bake-Off' News Just Got a Million Times Worse

The BBC Has Lost the Rights to 'Great British Bake-Off'--THIS IS A BAD BAKE (UPDATE)

Why Have Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Hidden Their Relationship So Long? That Damn Xenu

Rob Lowe, Who Made a Sex Tape with an Underage Girl, Takes Issue with People Kneeling

Sean Lennon Is Presently Mansplaining the Word 'Mansplaining' on Twitter

Thanks, Hot Topic, And Sorry for All the Jokes

Give Yourself and Any Remaining Remnants of Summer to the Dancing Pumpkin Twitter

Channing Tatum and Simone Biles' Mutual Fangirling Will Make Your Heart So Happy

'Eat, Pray, Love' Author Shares the Story of How She Fell in Love with Her Best Friend

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Have Broken Up. Love Is F*cking Dead.

Can We All Calm the F*ck Down about Periods Please?

Lena Dunham and What To Do about White Feminism in the Face of Relentless Misogyny


Things That Lasted Longer than Brock Turner's Jail Sentence

5 Podcasts That Will Creep You Out All October

How to Promote Your Racist Book? Shame Email Everyone Who Wrote About It

What's the Appeal of Barb from 'Stranger Things'? She's Every Awkward Queer Girl in High School

Barb Will Have Her Revenge! The 'Stranger Things' Kids Reunite for Jimmy Fallon Sketch

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake Might Collaborate--Let's Look Back at their Beautiful Ridiculous Love

There's Going to be a King Arthur Procedural Crime Drama Because Why the F*ck Not at this Point

Thanks, Piers Morgan, for Teaching Us What Empowers Us, Personally, As Women

Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin and Victim Blaming: All We Know Is We're Team Huma

Why Is 'McChicken' Trending on Twitter? You Don't Actually Want to Know

Happy Women's Equality Day! Here Are Some of the Best Things Famous Women Have Said about Women

Happy Women's Equality Day! Here Are Some of the Most Garbage Things Men in Hollywood Have Said about Women

Here's What 'Alt-Right' Really Means According to #AltRightMeans

'Joshy' and the Sidelining Effect of Anger and Grief

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Oh Good, More Boring and Wrong Opinions about Feminism, This Time Courtesy of Sarah Jessica Parker

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In Honor of Karlie Kloss's Birthday, Let's Celebrate with Taylor Swift's Finest Moment of BFFery

20 Years Ago Today, This Song Was Number One. Ay Dios Mio.

How to Cope When Donald Trump Has Made Life Actually Intolerable

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What Is Happening in this Poster?

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Bill Murray: Is He the Best? Or Do We Not Want to Admit He's Kind of Awful?

John Barrowman's Cosplay Skills Won San Diego Comic-Con

Can We All Agree That Sexy #ThoughtsAndPrayers Are the Worst Kind?

Xander Harris Was Pretty Much Garbage, Right?

Guess What, Pillowpants? 'Clerks 2' Is 10 Years Old Today

What's Your Celebrity Encounter Story?

Honor Garry Marshall in the Strangest, Best Way--With Comedy Bang Bang, Gillian Jacobs and Paul F. Tompkins

Garry Marshall Is Dead at 81

Looking Back at Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. Sigh.

FYI, Taylor Swift Apparently Can't Sue Kayne West, Our LOLs Continue Unabated

Stephanie Beatriz Joins the List of Out and Proud and Awesome Bisexual Celebrities

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PAJIBA EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's Wedding Plans

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About That Variety Article...

The Hottest People Somehow Still Eligible for the Pajiba 10

Blake Lively Calls Woody Allen Empowering as Tea Lizards Rain from On High

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It's Been Well Over Two Years--Are We Still Mad about the 'How I Met Your Mother' Finale?

Individuals Considered Attractive Enough to Appear in 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

We're Getting Two Agatha Christie Biopics

The Stages of Grief for Attempting and Failing to Get #HamiltonChi Tickets

A Photographic History of Taylor Swift's Totally Candid Natural Relationships

The Most Beautiful Shots in Last Night's 'Game of Thrones'

There Is No Way to Share This Casting News Without Spoilers, So, I Guess Don't Read It

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's Romance Has a Dessert Form and It's Fittingly Ridiculous

'Wicked', Our 'Hamilton' Before 'Hamilton', Gets a Film Release Date

What the Hell Are They Trying to Pull With These Hiddleswift Pictures?

Jennifer Aniston Is the Dumb Tabloid Body Shaming We Need in These Troubled Times

Donald Trump Keeps Saying Horrific Things and I Don't Know What to Do, So F*ck It, Just Dump Angry GIFs in the Comments

Patricia Clarkson to White Male Actors: 'Shut Up and Sit in the Corner'

In Honor of Its 30th Anniversary, Let's Celebrate the Greatest 'Ferris Bueller' Fan Theory

Garlic Bread Has an Opinion on Gender and I Don't Even Know What's Happening Anymore

Other Horrible Acts of Violence Perpetrated Against Trump Supporters

The Serious Election Issue No One Is Talking About

Chrissy Teigen Destroys Piers Morgan, Is the Hero We Need

Brock Turner, Rape Culture, and I'm Tired, So F*cking Tired

Justin Bieber Has Taken His Ultimate True Form, As an Adult with a Pacifier in His Mouth

Zachary Levi Says Women 'F*cking Killed' Chivalry

Greta Van Susteren Thinks Lazy-Ass NASA Taking Too Long to Release Pictures from Pluto

Bros Before Bruises: The Johnny Depp Defense League

OK, Seriously, What Is the Deal with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton?

Nick Jonas Concert Casting Notice Highlights Industry Racism, Is Super F*cked Up

Holy Sh*t. Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Abused Her Throughout Their Marriage, Has Photos to Prove It

The All-Caps Aftermath: What Happens When You Go Viral

Why Parents Hate, Hate, HATE that God-Forsaken Monster Caillou

In Honor of #NationalWineDay, TV's Finest Whiners

Our Response to the Pearl-Clutching and Uproar Over a Clinton Staffer Saying 'F*ck' on Twitter

In Which We Attempt to Calmly Explain What the Hell Happened on XOJane Without a Rage Stroke

Can You Guess Who This Ethereal Songstress Is?

Jonathan Pryce Is Serving Serious 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers, Get 'Em While They're Hot

Rumors Are Swirling That John Boyega Might Be in 'Black Panther'

An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton

Shows We're Way Too Old For But We Love Anyway

Larry David Thinks White People Are Pretending to Like 'Hamilton' to Appear 'Hip'

Internet Men Are Being Butthurt Baby Children about 'Ghostbusters.' Must Be Tuesday

We're Getting a Harley Quinn Movie. THIS IS OUR MOMENT

Sinead O'Connor Found Unharmed in Rare 2016 Bright Spot

Now That 'Nashville' Is Over, Will Charles Esten Go Back to Being Improv Hero Chip Esten?

Hayden Panettiere Re-enters Treatment for Post-Partum Depression: Here's What the Disease Feels Like

In Celebration of Old Hollywood Nastiness: Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford

Robert Downey Jr. Hired Adam Pally to Do His Web and Social Media Marketing...What?

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Are Dating--Here Is Why We Totally Saw This Coming

Gene Simmons, A Potato in a Wig, Calls Prince's Death 'Pathetic'

Need a $15,000 Dildo? Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop Have You Covered

Who Gets to Slap Finn on the Ass in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII?'

Sinead O'Connor, Demi Lovato, Social Media and Mental Illness: Where Do We Go From Here?

People Are Freaking Out Over Something in This Picture of Justin Bieber--Can You Find It?

I Don't Get What the Excitement Is All About: A Contrarian 'Civil War' Review

Samantha Bee Takes on Trump, Taco Bowls

Trump Tweets about His Own Taco Bowl for Cinco de Mayo, Declares 'I Love Hispanics!', What the F*ck Is Even Happening

What to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day if Your Mom Is Melania Trump

Rob Reiner Accurately States that Racists Love Trump, 'Morning Joe' Hosts Gasp in Horrified Shock

ABC Is Remaking 'Dirty Dancing' with Abigail Breslin and Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend...What?

Other Awards We Should Give Lin-Manuel Miranda

Patton Oswalt Wrote a Heartbreaking Obituary for His Wife

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In the Wake of 'Game of Thrones' Let's Establish Some Firm Spoiler Rules

James Gunn and Jenna Fischer Are the Cutest Divorced Couple Ever

Watch Jim Rash Give Joel McHale a Lapdance in What We'll Consider the True 'Community' Finale

The Biggest Season Finale Cliffhangers (Of 1996)

Trump, Anxiety and the Crushing Weight of Opinions

What Can You Buy with Your #WomanCard? The Possibilities Are Endless!

Disney Giving Us Emily Blunt, Emma Stone and a Whole Lot of Girl Power

Everyone Wants to Be Becky with the Good Hair Now

Chrissy Teigen Went to Dinner and People Had Emotions about It Because Mothers Aren't Allowed to Eat

The 'Twin Peaks' Cast List Is Out and Everyone Is On It...With One Notable Exception

TV Co-Stars Who Straight Up Hated Each Other

Justin Bieber Said Something Really Stupid about Prince. Because He's an Assh*le

Some Serious Sh*t Is about to Go Down in Scientology, Courtesy of Lisa Marie Presley

Let's Revisit One of the Best Prince Stories, Courtesy of Kevin Smith

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season Finale Shocker Might Change Everything

On Her 10th Birthday, Let's Revisit the Best Suri Cruise Conspiracy Theories

Elle King, Garbage Rob Schneider's Daughter, Poops on Those Offended by Her Cultural Appropriation

Here. Here Is a Bunch of Celebrities Dressed Like Assh*les at Coachella

There's Going to Be a Documentary about How Sorry for Chris Brown Chris Brown Is

Prince Was Rushed to a Hospital After an Emergency Plane Landing

Ready Your '90s Feels: The 'All That' Cast Reunites

Ted Cruz Versus Soup Might Be the Strangest Personal Story of this Election

Can I Ask a Very Serious Question? Does Anyone Else Find Steve Buscemi Totally Hot?

With the Launch of the Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe, We've Reached Peak Cinematic Universe

#EqualPayDay: These Actresses Made Less Than Their Male Co-Stars

Gene Simmons Thinks Rap Has No Place in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Here Are Its Most Rockin' Inductees

The One Direction Fake Baby and Other Fascinating Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

OJ Simpson Once Released a Rap Song Called 'Get Juiced' and It Will F*ck Up Your Whole Day

Other Franchises Women Should Take Over Just to Destroy the Lives of Stupid Men

Celebrity Mad Libs: Nicolas Cage Got Into a Physical Fight with Vince Neil

TV Shows That Kept the Kid in the Picture and Showed Off Their Pregnant Stars

Let's Say Farewell to 'American Idol' by Celebrating the Greatest Gift It Ever Gave Us

Why 'American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson' Was the Best Show of the Year

'Catfish' Host Nev Schulman Interrupts #BlackGirlsRock With a Really Specific Racial Stereotype

The 5 Biggest 'Holy Sh*t' Moments in 'The People vs. OJ Simpson'

Want to Know Chris Evans's Thoughts on Pubes? Listen to Anna Faris's New Podcast

Katherine Heigl's Lifestyle Blog, The Best Celebrity April Fools' Joke, Was No Joke

I Have So Many Questions about This Britney Spears and Leonardo DiCaprio #TBT

The Best and Worst Celebrity April Fools' Attempts

Paul Feig Adds Equity Clause to Future Contracts, Continues to Be the Best

Let's Judge the Presidential Candidates by What Matters--Which Celebrities Are Endorsing Them

Trump Wants "Some Form of Punishment" for Women Who Have Abortions and You Know What, I Think We're Done Here

Chris Brown Mocked a Woman's Attempted Suicide Because of Course He Did

Wentworth Miller Responds to a Viral 'Fat' Meme with His Story of Depression

10 Famous Couples Who Must Never Break Up

11 Celebrity Break-Ups That Still Hurt

All of Donald Trump's Comments on Women's Skin Will Make Yours Crawl

Breaking News and Evacuating Stomachs: Six Women Voluntarily Had Sex with Ted Cruz

7 Hollywood Types Who've Been Given Way More Chances than They've Earned

On This Day 15 Years Ago, Earworm History Was Made

Red-Hot Republican Sexy Talk With 'Family Values'-Focused Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Ted Cruz Enlists Aaron Sorkin to Help Him Sound Presidential

That Woman from that 'Laguna Beach' Show Is Actually Trying to Kill Your Children

Let's Work Out Our Feelings Regarding the 'Bridget Jones's Baby' Trailer

'Chris Evans', Who Suspiciously Sounds a Lot Like Paul Rudd, Loved 'Civil War'

Please, Jamie Oliver, Do Tell Us More about How Easy and Convenient Breastfeeding Is

Oscar Isaac Eats Cheetos with Chopsticks--Hipster Nonsense or Culinary Innovation?

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Really Respects Womenfolk for Dealing with All Those Hormones

On Twitter's 10th Birthday, Let's Celebrate with the Most Important Tweets of All Time

What It's Like to Emerge from Suicidal Depression

Beard or No Beard: A Very Serious Pajiba Investigation

Can We Discuss Gwyneth Paltrow's Crotch-Centric Outfit Please?

How a Lady Should Respond When a Man Tells Her to Smile: A Pajiba Etiquette Lesson

Who Is Corey Lewandowski? He's Trump's Very Own Worse Trump

Samantha Bee Hung Out with a Bunch of Trump Fans. It Went Exactly As You'd Think.

Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg Set to Reprise Indiana Jones

Oh, Good, Henry Cavill Has More Things to Say, Is Still an Asshat

Ryan Gosling Rescues a Dog, Reminds Us of Our Eternal Devotion

Ryan Atwood and Inara Serra (Fine, Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin) Had Their Baby

The Most Mindboggling Videos to Come Out of This Election Cycle

Justin Trudeau Is on American Soil. Prepare Your Lions for the Great Moistening.

Everyone Is in the Lonely Island's 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping' Red-Band Trailer

Sharknado 4 Has Its Cast, Which Isn't Even 'Dancing With the Stars'-Worthy

Kim Kardashian Has Something to Say about Slut Shaming and Body Shaming and You Should Listen Up

A Celebration of Our Favorite Women for International Women's Day

America's Political Hate Machine Is Tearing the Country Apart

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Together and Every Article about It Is Disgusting

9/11 Truther Charlie Sheen to Star in Movie about 9/11

His Yuge D*ck and Other Vomit-Inducing Trump Quotes

The Worst Lessons from '90s Teen Movies

Chewbacca Finally Puts an End to the 'Han Shot First' Question

After a Powerful Oscars Performance, Lady Gaga and Jaime King Share Their Survivor Stories

The Most Important Life Lessons from '90s Teen Movies

A Super Tuesday Prayer Circle for the Swift Eradication of Donald Drumpf

RIP Leonardo DiCaprio's Infamous "Pussy Posse"

Liveblogging the 2016 Academy Awards

Have Mercy on Our Souls: 'Fuller House' Review

Grading on the DiCaprio Curve: Actors Who Should Have Won Oscars Based Purely on Suffering

Kesha Speaks Out and Why We All Need to Be Kesha Fans Right Now

Did Lin-Manuel Miranda Sneak a Reference to His Favorite Podcast Into the Hamilton Grammy Performance?

The Only Acceptable Options to Replace SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia

15 Reasons Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Literal Human Sunshine

Rowan Blachard's Coming Out and the Problem with Deifying Children

Liveblogging the 2016 Golden Globes

Mindblowing Ways Everything You Love Is Connected

You May Love Oscar Isaac, But Chelsea Peretti Saw Him First

Liveblogging the '90s: 'Home Alone'

Faced with Rampant 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Spoilers, Let's Discuss What Constitutes a Spoiler

The Pajiba Staff Discusses 'Love, Actually': The Most Divisive Holiday Film of All Time

In Defense of Benny from 'Rent'

A Lifelong, Die-Hard MSTie Attempts to Unpack Every Feeling Toward the MST3K Reboot

Anna Faris Has a New Podcast and It's as Adorable as You'd Hope

Other Sexiest Men of the Year People Magazine Considered Before David Beckham

Jeremy Bieber Is Proud of His Son's Penis and We Will Never Stop Vomiting

Real, Practical Life Lessons We Should Be Teaching Our Kids

The Stages of Debilitating Depression and Anxiety Explained by Movies

Drunkblogging the '80s: 'Road House'

Liveblogging the 2015 Emmys

Lindsay Lohan Has Some Thoughts on 9/11...and PETA...and Michael Jackson...And Angelina Jolie Maybe

11 Reasons We Need USA to Renew 'Playing House'

Play-Doh, Surprise Eggs and Other Horrors of YouTube for Parents

The Girlfriends of Zack Morris We Never Saw or Heard From Again

Josh Duggar Had an Ashley Madison Account: Just the Facts

What Went Down Between E!, Teens and YouTubers This Week?

Racism Exists Because You Believe in Evolution, According to the Duggars

I Think I Love You: An Open Letter to Christine Ouzounian, Ben Affleck's Nanny

15 Things That Will Definitely Happen if Donald Trump Somehow Pulls This Off and Becomes President

'Gone Girl 2: Affleck Bangs the Nanny' Is the Summer's Best Show

How the Star of 'Girl Meets World' Gives Us Hope for America's Youth

25 Think Pieces You Were Spared While I Was on Maternity Leave

The Pajiba Un-10: Your Not-If-You-Paid-Me Five

Liveblogging the '90s: 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park'

This Is a Safe Space: The Struggle for Those of Us Who Are Only Pretty Into 'Game of Thrones'

The Duggars Speak, Excuse, Further Damage: 'This Was Not Rape or Anything Like That'

Stephen Colbert Lives! But the Colbeard Is Sadly No More In His First 'Late Show' Promo

Caitlyn Jenner's Series Is Coming. Leave Your Anti-E!, Anti-Kardashian Agenda at the Door.

Guys, Screech Totally Didn't Mean to Stab That Guy and 'Meant No Harm'

The Paparazzi Are Evil...Until You Need to Squash a Story with Your Cute Kids

In 'Yeah, We Know' News, Bobby Flay Cheated on His Wife with January Jones

Women in Comedy Talk about What It Means to Be a Woman in Comedy

Creationist Assh*le Defends Josh Duggar, Says Molesting Kids Is Fine Because of Evolution

Google Needs Our Help to Tell Them Dinosaurs Were Not Created to Indoctrinate Our Children

Want to Hear Josh Duggar Make an Incest Joke? Of Course You Don't

The Duggars' Unspeakable Horror Show


Maggie Gyllenhaal Determined Too Old to Play the Love Interest of AARP Member

This Album Was Released 15 Years Ago This Month and We Must Give Thanks

Finally, Gwyneth Paltrow Offers a Health Tip We Can All Get Behind

Woman in Hollywood Lies about Age, People Shocked for Some Reason

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Watch Continues with Garfield's Parents

Mindhole Blowers: Lady Gaga's Dad Is Why We Have Wi-Fi in Hotels

Oh God, Men Keep Asking Amy Poehler Where Her Kids Are

Thank God, Music's Greatest Hero Has Returned to Us

I Bind You Sony From Doing Harm! Why We're Bummed 'The Craft' Is Being Remade

Social Media and the Socially Anxious: Why I Left Twitter

Samantha Bee Is 'Kinda Done with Sausages' (Get It? She Means D*cks)

Comedian Moshe Kasher Is Using GoFundMe for the Right Reason--To Get You to Pay His Rent

The Latest Celebrity Beef? Um, Jimmy Kimmel and Jerry Seinfeld

The ACLU Is Investigating Hollywood for Gender Bias

Why Do People Want Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Together So Much? We Examine

We Almost Lost Big Bird in the Challenger Explosion

Celebrating Mother's Day with Linda Belcher

Sandra Lee Is Getting Her Own Lifestyle Show on ABC Because Sandra Lee Knows How to Live

In Honor of Tina Fey's Letterman Strip-Tease, Let's Look Back on the Original

The 'Broad City' Ladies Are Teaming Up with Paul Feig for a New Movie

Nick Loeb/Sofia Vergara Battle Leads to Logical Conclusion--Fox News Says Men Should Be Able to Veto Abortions

An Incredibly Important Twitter Voice Has Been Silenced. No, Not That One.

Avengers Assemble ... to Sing. Bring the Jazz Hands!

Mini Thor Interviewing the Avengers Will Hulk Out Your Heart

Is Amy Schumer Hot Enough for TV? A Jury of 12 (Celebrity) Men Will Finally Decide

Michelle Beadle Spoke Out Against Floyd Mayweather on Twitter. Guess What Happened?

My Dadbody, Myself: Thank God We're Finally Celebrating Beauty in All Its Forms

An 'Absolutely Fabulous' Movie Is Coming Because God Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

The NYTimes Gave Sofia Vergara's Ex a Platform for Some MRA, Pro-Life Nonsense

Sh-t People Say to Women Directors Will Inspire You and Make You Hate Everyone

Hey Marvel, Mark Ruffalo Would Sure Like to Buy Some Black Widow Merchandise

Alice Eve Thinks Bruce Jenner Is 'Playing at Being a Woman'

The Kardashians Could Actually Help People--Who Saw That One Coming?

Jake Gyllenhaal Used to Be in a Boy Band

Have You Ever Wanted to Wear George R.R. Martin on Your Crotch? Now You Can

Someone Un-Zack Snyder-ized 'Man of Steel' and 'Batman vs. Superman'

Did Andrew Garfield Cheat on Emma Stone? Because I Will Burn This Place to the Ground

'Goon 2' Is Coming!

Cobie Smulders Reveals She Had Ovarian Cancer

The New 'True Detective' Poster Is On Fire

The Duggars Shall Inherit the Earth: The Jessa One is Pregnant

The Way the Media Reports on Kristen Stewart and Her Girlfriend Is Hilarious

Kylie Jenner's Lips Are Destroying Our Children

NOW It's a Movie--Billy Zane Is Back for 'Zoolander 2'

Johnny Depp Is Reportedly Missing--Let's Speculate Wildly about Where He Could Be

The Rock, Brian Posehn and Patton Oswalt Are Talkin' P*ssy and Shake Weights on Twitter

Michael Bublé Is Gross and Posted a Gross Picture to Show How Gross He Is

Anna Kendrick's Ode to Emily Blunt Is a Lip Sync Battle for the Ages

Laverne Cox Poses Nude for Allure

Which 'Buffy' Actress Is Now Beyoncé's Stepsister?

An Author Is Suing Joss Whedon for $10 Million Over 'Cabin in the Woods'

Let's Get It On: MTV Bringing Back 'Celebrity Deathmatch'

Watch Dennis Quaid Freak the F*ck Right Out On Set

It's Been 10 Years Since the MTV Movie Awards's Best Ever Moment. Let's Relive It.

Pink Shuts Down Fat Shamers Like a Damn Badass

Today in 'WTF Peta?' News, Miley Cyrus's Sister Gets Dissected

The '90sest People to Guest Star on 'Mad Men'

Nora Dunn Is Dropping SNL Truth Bombs about Jan Hooks, Jon Lovitz and Crazypants Victoria Jackson

It's Rex Manning Day! Liveblogging the '90s: Empire Records

Eff It, Let's Just Reboot Everything: 10 More Shows We Should Drag Out of the Grave

If You're Not Watching 'Bates Motel' Now Is Probably a Good Time to Start

Five Seasons and a Movie? 'Arrested Development' To Return for 17 More Episodes

Random Alert: Jon Cryer and Demi Moore Used to Date

Lindsay Lohan, World's Best Photoshopper, Strikes Again

Sesame Street's 'Game of Thrones' Parody Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

Forget The Rock--John Legend and Common Killed It on 'Lip Sync Battle'

You're Officially Old--Jason 'Jay Fat Buds' Mewes Is a Dad

'The Price Is Right' Actually Won April Fool's Day

The Amy Winehouse Documentary Is Probably Going to Be a Real Gut-Punch

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Are Reportedly Done--I Am Not Handling It Well

The Shailene Woodley-est Things Shailene Woodley Has Ever Said

David Duchovny Is Releasing an Album

Did You Know the Church of Scientology Started a Kid's Pop Group?

In the Wake of 'Going Clear,' Here Are Eight Famous Scientologists We Should Rescue

'That's Your F*cking Question?' Cate Blanchett Interviews Are the Best Interviews

Who Should Write and Direct the '50 Shades' Sequels?

To Watch Guy Fieri Eat a Burger Is to Gaze into the Gaping Maw of Hell

Why Jon Hamm's Rehab Announcement Is So Important

What We Can Learn from Women Who Live Into Their Hundreds

Rumor Has It 'Captain Marvel' Has Been Cast -- Let's Speculate!

Mo'ne Davis Forgives the Assh*le Baseball Player Who Called Her a Slut

Rob Kardashian Apparently Thinks Kim Is a Psychopathic Murderer

The Miley Cyrus Wax Figure Is the Scariest Thing You'll See Today

Kevin Smith, Michael Rooker and Stan Lee 'Makin' a Number 2'

Superstar! How Jonathan Turned Out to Be the Most Successful 'Buffy' Actor

Why Do We Have Such High Expectations for Female-Centered TV Shows?

What the Hell Is Iggy Azalea Saying?

Betty White Is Getting a Lifetime Achievement Emmy

Peasants, Rejoice! Gwyneth Paltrow Is Just Like You

David Arquette Got Kicked Out of Justin Bieber's Birthday Party

'MacGyver' Is Coming Back...As a Woman!

Emma Thompson and Kevin Kline Will Star in 'Beauty and the Beast' with Emma Watson

Jessica Lange's Best Moments on 'American Horror Story'

Liveblogging the '80s: 'Three Men and a Baby'

Kathy Griffin Leaves 'Fashion Police'...And for a Great Reason

Lindsay Lohan, This Is An Instagram Photoshopping Intervention

Vintage Steve Carell as Fabio (With Bonus Stephen Colbert) Is the Cure for What Ails You

'I'm White--Should I Use the N-Word?' We Help You Decide

The 'Game of Thrones' Cast Describes Their Show in 30 Seconds

Stars Who Had to Lose Weight to Play Themselves

Need a Safe Space to Work Out Your 'Ghostbusters for Guys' Frustrations? This Is that Space

The Mindblowing People Voicing Characters on Shows Your Kids Watch

John Mayer Revisits His 'Intellectual Crash'--We Revisit What a Piece of Sh*t He Is

The 'Problem Child' TV Show Has Found Its John Ritter -- Matthew Lillard

Joss Whedon Addresses the 'Spider-Man 3 Territory': Trying to Get All Those Superheroes into 'Age of Ultron' Was a 'Nightmare'

The Good, Bad and Ugly Celebrity Bleach Jobs

Your Weekly Penis-News Round-Up

Chris Pratt Is an Actual Real-Life Superhero Who Kicks Down Doors and Saves Babies

Leonardo DiCaprio Issued a Statement Saying He's Not Banging Rihanna--But Why?

Do You Want to Know What Pregnancy Is Really Like? I'll F*cking Tell You

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Messier, Bobby Brown's Family Is Filming a Reality Show

A Duggar Husband Tried to Run a Cat Over with a Sled; Whole Family Is Made of Garbage

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Let's Talk about John Cusack

Let's Watch Natalie Dormer Make Out with a Bunch of People in Hozier's New Video

It's My Birthday--Let's Have a Misandry Party

Kid Rock Came for Beyonce--Now the Beyhive Comes for Kid Rock

What Television and Movies Should Have Taught Us about Turning 30

Andy Threatens Dr. Saperstein Liam Neeson-Style and Other Things We Learned from the Extended 'Parks and Rec' Finale

Ben Affleck Was Caught Whispering to Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars -- Let's Speculate Wildly about It!

Lindsay Lohan's Acting Is a Gift to Us All, So She Tried to Count it as Community Service

Watch the 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Toast Each Other on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

40 Things We'll Miss about 'Parks and Recreation'

Jason Jones Is Leaving 'The Daily Show'--Guess That Means He's Out of the Running for Host Then

Cheers for TV's First Totally NBD Abortion, Courtesy of Sunday Night's 'Girls'

Everything about John Travolta that Made Everyone Massively Uncomfortable During the Oscars

Prince Harry and Emma Watson? OK, But Let's Look Back at William and Britney, the Greatest Love that Never Was

Liveblogging the 2015 Academy Awards

Wanna See Jamie Dornan Naked? Skip 'Fifty Shades' and Check Out This 2002 Abercrombie Catalog

Amy Poehler Honors Harris Wittels

Who's Afraid of the Unretouched Woman?

We Could Have Had a 'First Wives' Club' Sequel, But Hollywood Hates Women, Says Goldie Hawn

'Brutally Honest' Oscar Voter Kind of an Assh*le

Kristen Bell Takes Anti-Vaxxers to Task Like the Boss She Is

The 10 Best Out-of-Context Movie Spoilers

Is Sam Taylor-Johnson Trying to Pull Out of the Fifty Shades Sequels?

It's OK, Everyone, Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen Are Still Together

Gwyneth Paltrow's Most Sciencey Advice for Living Your Ultimate Life

Jessica Simpson Tries to Ride the 50 Shades of Grey Wave in a Weird Photoshoot

Hey, Ladies! A Galentine's Day Quote-a-pallooza

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OK, Men's Rights Movement, Your Friendly Neighborhood Frigid B*tch Feminist is Listening: What the Hell Do You Want?

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Do You Wear High Heels? Congratulations! You're a Brainless Self-Harmer, According to Tech CEO

Sometimes We Need to Stop Everything and Remember that 'Models, Inc.' Ended with a Character Being Sold Into Sexual Slavery

Songwriter Spends Life Savings on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber, Fails Miserably

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RIP, Damon Lindelof's Twitter

Aaron Paul Does Starbucks Drake Hands, Warms the Lattes of Our Hearts

The Darkness is Nigh. The End is Near. Ark Music Factory Strikes Again.

Meg Ryan Preps for Comeback, and Why We Need to Welcome Her Back with Open Arms

Bruce Willis Hosts SNL. Shrug.

Justin Bieber is Jacked...It's Confusing

God Dammit, Chris Brown

Justin Timberlake: Hollywood Trying to Make "Fetch" Happen

In Stark (hee) Contrast to Bieber, the Real Joffrey Just Enjoys a Good Sandwich

Sinead O'Connor Pens Heartfelt Open Letter to Sinead O'Rebellion, aka, Miley Cyrus: Perfect, or the Dreaded Slut Shame?

Mia Farrow and Family Discuss Woody Allen Devastation. Media Expectedly Misses Point.

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This Blind Item is Clearly About a Serial Killer

I Actually Feel Sorry for Lindsay Lohan. You May Never Hear Those Words Again.

Blake Lively Starts a New Company Devoted to All the Things She's So Good At

You Know, Xenu is a Real Dick

Thank You, Linus: 'How I Met Your Mother' Starts Strong

Celebrity Couples I Must Befriend At Once

Famke Janssen Broke Into Her Own House...or Did She?

Cher Admits She Might Not Be Flawless, Becomes Flawless in the Process

Jennifer Aniston Sure is Pregnant a Lot

The Sound of Music: Live Has a Poster and It's Coming to Eat Your Soul Through Your Nostrils

Maybe the Children Shouldn't Be Our Future: Jaden Smith Says Things

Gwyneth Paltrow Hosts the World's Whitest Party

Men Force Kisses On Women ... Fer Fun, Guys!

Your Opinions on Miley Cyrus Are Necessary to My Personal Wellbeing

Slut Shaming, Sanctimommies and Hope for the Next Generation

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Olivia Munn Continues to Make It Very Difficult for Us to Dislike Her

Your Pajiba 10 Wildcard Entry

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Gwyneth Paltrow is Hiding Something. We're on the Case

In Which I Feel Sorry for a Kardashian

We've Come So Far with So Far to Go: Womanity's No Good, Very Bad Week

One Very Sad News Item and Several Attempts to Make You Forget It

Former Co-Stars Whose Continued BFF-ship Brings Us Joy

Patrick Stewart's First Ever Slice of Pizza is the New Start We All Need

Let's Play '90s Child Star Mad Libs with Andrew Keegan!

Justin Timberlake is a Whiny Penis with Delusions of Acting Grandeur

Helen Mirren Will Warm Your Heart, Add Two Lumps of Sugar and a Spot of the Milk of Your Own Happy Tears

Andrew Garfield Plays Basketball with Kids in His Spiderman Costume, Ovaries Explode Nationwide

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Life as a Fan of "The Office"

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Shelley Long: A Celebration

Nancy Grace Shares Her Camera Space With No One. NO ONE!

An Open Letter to "How I Met Your Mother" Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

Let's Have a High School Dance Party

Lindsay Lohan Blogging From Rehab Will, In Fact, Be the Best, Most "Adequite" Thing That Ever Happened to Me

So, You Want to Sell a Sex Tape

Unpopular Counterpoint: I Still Like "Community"

Gwyneth Paltrow Named the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, But Tilda Swinton is the Most Flawless

Pregnant Celebrities Don't Need Your Help

The Unanswered Questions of "Saved by the Bell": A Pajiba Palate Cleanser

So, Let's Talk About Amanda Bynes...: The Mendoza Line of Celebrity Schadenfreude

Rosario Dawson Goes Pantsless, Just as New Hampshire Politicians Had Intended

Pod-crushes: The Crushes Brought To You By and Listeners Like You

America's Finest Political Mind, Dionne from "Clueless," Has Opinions

A Pajiba Love with That Extra Special Ingredient

Amanda Bynes Has ... AN IMPOSTER!

Amy Poehler Has a New Boyfriend, And It's a Good One

Thanks A Lot, Paris: Brandy's Brother and Bruce Jenner's Stepdaughter Make a Sex Tape

An Open Letter to Jon Hamm's Penis

Corpse Bride: What Did the End of Last Night's "How I Met Your Mother" Mean?

F*ck Everything, Let's Talk About Rape

These People Are Not Who You Think They Are: Your Celebrity Reality Check

I Think Ian Somerholder Is About To Eat Grumpy Cat

Highlights from Justin Timberlake's Fifth SNL, aka, the Most Enjoyable Best-Of Compilation Ever

Justin Bieber Being Held Back From Attacking Photographers Is the Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Yet Another Open Letter to Taylor Swift, aka, DAMMIT, TAYLOR, DO WE HAVE TO KEEP DOING THIS?

17 Reasons We As a Nation Need a Live Rifftrax of Twilight

The Romantic Comedies That Prove Why You're Wrong About Romantic Comedies

Liveblogging the 2013 Academy Awards

Mindy McCready and the Curse of "Celebrity Rehab:" Blurring the Lines Between TV and Treatment

The TV Loves That May Never Be, and Ones That Got Away: A Seriously Valentine's List

Happy Fat Tuesday, My Little Babe-raham Lincolns

The Most Disturbing Thing About the Movie Flight

The Most Amazing Celebrity Lawsuits

Chris Brown is a Lot Like Jesus

The Kardashians Finally Go Too Far

Another Open Letter to Taylor Swift

You Guys! I Love Sports Now! Ahem. I Mean, Making Up Dead Girlfriends Is Wrong

While You Were Campaigning for an Oprah Interview About Your Use Of Performance Enhancing Cake

Liveblogging the 2013 Golden Globes

Twilight Actor Urinates on Airport Terminal Floor, Just Like the Movies Have Done To Our Cultural Landscape

The 15 Pop Culture Moments That Made Us Cry in 2012

Santa John Mayer Was In Your House While You Slept: A Pajiba Holiday Tale

The 5 Celebrities Who Squandered the Most Goodwill in 2012 (and the 4 Who Actually Made Us Like Them)

My Reactions to Last Night's "How I Met Your Mother" in GIF Form

The Year in Review: The Enlow Movie Awards for Best in Sh*t-Show

Let's Celebrate Dylan McDermott's Triumphant Return to "American Horror Story" with a Ben Harmon Appreciation Post

I Just Have a Lot of Feelings: The Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta Christmas ...Thing.

The 12 Douchiest Movie Boyfriends

Fighting, Finding Jesus and Biting the Hand that Feeds You: This Week in Child Stardom

Live Blogged: Lifetime's Lohansterbacle Liz & Dick

Let's Speculate Not-So-Wildly About the Remaining Three "Most Fascinating People" on Baba Wawa's Annual List

America F**k (-ing People You're Not Married To) Yeah!: Our Favorite Political Sex Scandals

This is an Intervention: "How I Met Your Mother" Season 8

25 Reasons Why More "Boy Meets World" is a Wonderful Thing

Chris Brown Wore a Halloween Costume

The Tao of Lohan

The 6 Dickbag-iest Things About Justin Timberlake's Wedding

Let's Speculate Wildly About Whatever the F**k Donald Trump is Going On About Now


Alright, Taylor Swift, Are We Gonna Do This Or What?

Sigh. Well, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Are On TV Now.

Oh. My. God. I Think I'm Having Palpitations: The Olivia Newton-John/John Travolta Christmas Album

I Just Wanted to Say "Hello" | The Most Heartbreaking Doctor Who Moments

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In Which We Attempt to Carry On Without Arnett/Poehler Red Carpet Cuteness: 2012 Emmy Liveblog

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We Didn't Know. We. Just. Didn't. Know. | How Movies and Television Have Left You Completely Unprepared for Pregnancy


"Jersey Shore" Stars Are Now Parents-to-Be and Rehab-itants | At What Point Is This No Longer Entertainment?

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Pilot Season Pity Party: The Highs and Lows of Our TV Future

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So, How Have Your '90s Tiger Beat Heartthrobs Fared Over the Years?

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You Did It Again. You Just Mosby-ed Me. | "How I Met Your Mother" February Sweeps-cap

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