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And Then Ann Coulter Turned On Donald Trump, and It Was Beautiful

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 25, 2016 |

By Dustin Rowles | Politics | August 25, 2016 |

Through the election season so far, no one has had Donald Trump’s back more than Ann Coulter. In fact, yesterday, she released a pro-Trump book, which is even worse than you imagined.

It’s called In Trump We Trust. *shudder*


In the book, Coulter writes, and I quote: “There’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven. Except change his immigration policies.”

Uh oh.

That’s incoherent gobbledygook, but for those that can read Trump, he’s basically throwing out his old immigration plan and going with something more along the lines of Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich’s plan. He’s softening his position, much to the consternation of the amnesty warriors, the one segment of the populace that’s still backing Donald Trump without reservation.

Ann Coulter, of course, is the most outspoken Amnesty Warrior, and that book she wrote is all about how E. Pluribus Awesome it is that Trump will be throwing all the illegal immigrants out. Guess who is not happy?

Ann Coulter.

In fact, she’s threatening to cancel the book tour in support of the book. Late last night, she even took to Twitter to criticize Trump’s new position.

Here’s something she retweeted a few hours later. It’s not a compliment.

Coulter is not pleased. Trump’s flip flop softening stance, which is way too late to save him, is going to end up costing him some of his most ardent supporters, and what is he going to get out of it? It’s not like there are 20 million voters out there who will hear his new immigration plan and think, “Huh. You know what? Maybe he’s not a racist xenophobe after all! He says he’s going to work with them, after they pay years of back taxes that will ensure their path to citizenship is weighted down by massive debt! What a great guy!”

“It’s just rhetoric but it’s still annoying,” Coulter told The Hill Wednesday night, before those tweets came out. “I think he panicked and he had to say [it] … I don’t think he is softening. I mean the big thing is the wall.”

With all those books hitting shelves this week, and with Trump flip-flopping on the very theme of that book, Trump is not the only one who is panicking right now, and there ain’t a wall that’s going to save her.


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