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A Cheerleader Knelt During The National Anthem? Run, Girl, They Gonna Kill You!

By Mike Redmond | Politics | November 2, 2018 |

By Mike Redmond | Politics | November 2, 2018 |


If you were to ask Trump-loving football fans who’s worse: Colin Kaepernick or a school shooter, there’s a pretty good chance they’d look you straight in the eye and say Kaepernick without hesitating. It’s that bad out there. Which is why it’s goddamn extraordinary that for the first time in league history, an NFL cheerleader knelt during the National Anthem.

The hero cheerleader’s protest is particularly bold considering cheerleaders spend almost every waking moment being told how expendable they are. From Elle:

Not one woman spoke to for this story said she would have participated in the protests. It’s simply not the culture of cheering, they explained, and their captains wouldn’t have supported them. Also, since cheerleaders are often told how replaceable they are, they felt that they could very easily be fired for taking a stand. One pointed out that even a talented, well-known player like Kaepernick essentially lost his job for making a statement. Few cheerleaders would be willing to take that risk.

In fairness, nobody wants to lose a highly-coveted and demanding job that pays… *checks notes*… minimum wage with no benefits. Sonofabitch.

Cheerleaders, they explained, are expected to be founts of positive energy, impeccable rhythm paired with toothy smiles and toned legs. They are supposed to be fun and have fun on the field; such a good time that it compensates for the fact that they are, in the best of circumstances, being paid minimum wage with no health benefits by an industry that rakes in $14 billion dollars a year in revenue. Voicing their opinions in public is, in most squads, considered squarely unfun, and so cheerleaders are discouraged from doing it.

As of this writing, the identity of the kneeling 49ers cheerleader is unknown, but it’s only a matter of time until a shit-nado of awful rains down upon her. In fact, there’s already a white front forming just off the coast of the internet’s toilet bowl with a 90% chance of slut-shaming.

In case you need more proof that Kneeling Cheerleader opened herself to a world of pain with her protest, the tweets above are only a tiny fraction of the super clever “Hurr durr you do blowjobs on your knees” insults floating around out there. Also, most of these idiots probably own assault weapons because America is a murder pit of dumb, so yeah, I’m gonna call this situation brave even though it’s not about the troops. Suck it, wypipo.

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