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Podjiba Returns! The Game Returns! Also We Discuss 'Y: The Last Man' And 'Ted Lasso'! Exclamation Point!

By Dan Hamamura | Podcasts | September 15, 2021 |

By Dan Hamamura | Podcasts | September 15, 2021 |


You may have noticed there was no episode last week, and for that we apologize! Schedules and the long weekend made it impossible for us to find a time to align all of our schedules in order to record. It won’t happen again.

Actually, no. It probably will happen again, sometime, because we are a lean operation and prefer to keep overhead low, which means sometimes other things get in the way. But with any luck, we’ll have another uninterrupted string of episodes for a good while!

So. Since we’ve been gone for two weeks, we should probably have a whole stack of television shows to discuss, right? How many shows did we cover this week?

Two, turns out.

Oh, sure, there might be the odd mention of The Walking Dead or Only Murders In The Building, but this week’s episode spotlighted only two shows: the new FX on Hulu (ahem, Dustin) series Y: The Last Man, and our regular coverage of Ted Lasso.

Note: over the course of the Ted Lasso discussion, we may have called out someone named “Cord Lastleton”. He certainly is in no way related to our own Lord Castleton, and he certainly should not come on the podcast to defend himself.

Oh! This week’s episode also features a game, courtesy of Tori! Which is fun for everyone involved, and especially me, because that means I didn’t plan anything.

Next week: The fall network TV season begins! What shows are you excited about, and why are they all NBC’s new Manifest sci-fi show La Brea?

As always, Podjiba can be found more or less wherever podcasts are sold, but specifically where they are sold for free, which really means I guess there’s no actual transaction involved. If someone makes you pay for Podjiba let us know, because it definitely isn’t us and we need our cut. Also, you can download right here (also for zero dollars)!